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The Bachelor's Jamie-Lee on why the rumours she's dating Brooke "suck".

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Jamie-Lee Dayz got the (moon)boot from Mr Badger on last night’s episode of The Bachelor but uh – everyone thinks she’s dating another bachelorette.

Well, guys, no.

The 27-year-old venue manager told Mamamia she’s happily dating her most recent ex again, and frankly, the rumour she’s in a relationship with Brooke is not cool.

“In all honestly, I actually think it’s a really disappointing rumour to hear,” she said.

“Just because there are two, I’m going to use the term bisexual, just because there are two bisexual girls in one room doesn’t mean that they’re automatically dating. It’s a shame to see that as a society that’s the outcome we come to, just because there’s two people who have similarities. It kind of sucks.

“It’s definitely not true. I have a lot of love for Brooke and she’s a such a legend but we’re definitely just friends.”

While she’s not a fan of those rumours, Jamie-Lee thinks last week’s episode where Brooke told Nick about her past relationships with woman started a really important conversation.

“There has been a lot of publicity around this and I think in all honestly it’s a great thing, I think that it’s something we need to be talking about,” she said.

She said Brooke and Nick were at the stage of their relationship where sharing things about their past was important, but she didn’t feel like she and Nick got to that stage, so she didn’t feel any need to let him know about her sexuality.


After all, why is it still considered a big deal?

“Now if you’re dating anyone you get to a certain stage and they find out certain things about you, and you want to let them know about your past,” she told Mamamia. “Good on Brooke for owning who she is and being proud and standing up and going ‘yeah, this is what I’ve done, deal with it’… I take my hat off to her for doing that in front of all of Australia.

“For myself, I didn’t really feel the need to disclose this information because Nick knew my first name, it’d be quite weird if I was like ‘Hey Nick, I’m Jamie-Lee, by the way I’ve dated women before’, I didn’t know him that well, it would be quite weird for me to lead with that.”

After their breakup, about six months before The Bachelor, Jamie-Lee and her partner remained friends. She said there was nothing but support for her decision to go on the show.


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So that’s the end of my bachie experience.. Kinda sad to be leaving the mansion and my bachie babes so soon, but also so grateful to have had shared such an incredible experience with some of the realest people I’ve ever met. I’ve made some real friendships throughout this experience and I’m so thankful. I’m so proud of who I am and how I handled this journey, I’ve stayed true to myself and even in my lesser moments, I’m only seeing and giving light to the positives. I’ve learnt so much during such a short period of time and even though I’m heading home tonight, I wouldn’t change a thing about my experience. As cliché as it is, everything happens for a reason. Sending my love, luck and positive vibes to Nick & the final 7 girls ❤️???? #thebachelorau

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Jamie-Lee has the interesting perspective of being with someone before The Bachelor, and then being with them again after. So how has The Bachelor experience changed the way she approaches relationships?

“Before going in I’d never really spoken about feelings, I didn’t wear my heart on my sleeve and then you’re thrown into this environment where you have to talk about your feelings and talk about what you want… You have a lot of time to reflect and really focus on yourself which was really beautiful for me.

“I came out a little bit clearer, for me it was a really grounding experience and I think that was what I needed to go ‘okay this is what you want Jamie, this is who you are’.”

She ran into her ex at an event and well… The rest is history.

“One thing led to another and now we’re dating and really happy again.”

We’re yet to see if the Honey Badger finds his happy ending, but it looks like at least one person has this bachie season and honestly, we’re so glad.