ROAD TEST: The cheap and cheerful body scrub that made my winter skin super smooth.

Last month I wrote about #winterbeautyproblems and my old lady hands.

It’s now the beginning of July and I’m sorry to report that my least favourite season still has me in its icy grip. And this time it’s the rest of my body that’s taking the brunt.

The skin on my arms and legs is looking dry, dull and rather… reptilian thanks to an ongoing barrage of chilly outdoor temperatures and indoor heating.

Thankfully, at the moment those areas are mostly hidden by long sleeves and pants. But I know that when spring arrives in approximately 57 days (not that I have a countdown on my phone or anything) I will want to slip into skirts and sleeveless tops – and from then dry, flaky, lifeless skin just will not do.

So I’m making a pre-emptive strike to get my skin in tip top condition ready for the warmer weather, and I’ve found the perfect product to help.

Introducing Thankyou’s Coffee Body Scrub, which declares itself to be ‘life-changing’ on the packaging. That’s a pretty bold claim but fortunately this little gem of a product has the goods to back it up.


Your skin's new bestie. Trust me. Image: Supplied

The 'life-changing' part, I think, is thanks to the five minute 'absorption phase' - but more on that later.

First, let's talk about the fact that this scrub contains actual coffee grains - Fair Trade, btw - which in the beauty world are known for their antioxidant properties, helping to fight the signs of ageing. Additionally, the grains are great for gentle but effective exfoliation.

On to the smell. God, the smell. It smells exactly like my morning skimmed cappuccino (that would be the real coffee grains, then) and is therefore delectable and life-affirming to sniff. I resist the urge to down the pot in one, and instead, hop into the shower and scoop up a handful of the scrub. I carefully massage it onto my skin in a circular motion, concentrating in particular on my driest areas (knees, elbows, and lower calves - which, quite frankly, resemble the Sahara desert right now).


I take a second scoop of scrub and continue the massaging process.


Massage the grains into your skin. Do not consume even though I know you'll want to because COFFEE. Image: Supplied


With traditional scrubs, you'd rinse it right off, yes? Not this guy. This guy needs time. Time to allow your skin to absorb all his natural hydrating goodness.

I use the recommended five minute window to apply a hair mask because #selfcare and before I know it, it's time to rinse. With warm water, the product slides easily away and my god, my skin feels squeaky clean.

After finishing my shower, I'm in awe of the difference the scrub has made. The result is next level smoothness and skin that feels brand new. I finish up with slathers of moisturiser to really seal in the softness and begin my day feeling invigorated, sleek and polished.

I'm going to continue using this scrub the recommended one to two times a week to keep dry, dull skin at bay until I'm ready to strip my layers (much like the scrub does) and show off the results. Wake up and smell the coffee, friends. This product is as life-changing as it says on the tin.

Thankyou Coffee Body Scrub is currently on sale, and you can get 2 x 300g tubs for $24.98. Bargain.  

Do you have a favourite body scrub? Tell us in the comments!