'I need to be inside you.' 9 women on the text they received that wasn’t meant for their eyes.

Text messaging has revolutionised the way we communicate, often negating the need for us to actually speak to anyone – which is one of its best features.

Sure, there are some pitfalls of texting; the potential for words to be misinterpreted, an eggplant emoji sent by accident, or even worse, a sexy selfie sent to the wrong person.

But nothing can beat the awkwardness of when you receive a text that was definitely not intended for your eyes. A second of inattention from the sender, and a whole new world – often an opinion about… you – can open up and change things forever.

Nine women shared with Mamamia the most cringe-worthy times that happened to them.

When parents try to text and things go awry. The good, the bad, and the unspeakable. Post continues below.

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Rose, 37

I was having a much-earned dinner with my girlfriends one night, without the kids. My husband was home with our three and four year olds, and as I was tucking into my prawn linguine, I got a message from my husband.

“Mum, can you please come over. Rose is out and the kids have gone nuts.”

It was an hour since I’d left.

Erin, 45

My 21-year-old son had broken up with his girlfriend and gone out to drown his sorrows.

At 2am, I got a text saying, “I need to be inside you one last time.”


I almost vomited. I texted back, demanding to pick him up immediately. Not exactly the way he wanted the night to end but that’s what he gets for drunk sexting.

Jenn, 29

A few years ago, I was a manager at a fast food place, and I texted one of my employees to cover someone’s shift the next morning.

Next thing I know, I get a screenshot of my text, with the caption, “Uggh, f**k off”.

Then immediately, “I’m so sorry that wasn’t meant for you.”

Yep, I realised that.

Elena, 33

I got a text from my best friend one day: “Could Elena post any more pics of her baby?? JFC.”

So, that was awkward. A hard one to come back from.

Preeya, 38

We have a family group chat and one day, we were bickering about something, I don’t even remember, but it involved me, my brother, my sister and parents.

My brother had been absent from the chat for a few minutes, then we got, “Jesus I wish Preeya would STFU she doesn’t know what she’s talking about.”

I wanted to know who he was sending that to, but he never told me, no matter how much I harassed him about it.

Camilla, 32

The worst not-for-me text I got was this guy from work asking me out.

When I got it, I thought, ‘oh, that’s gross’, because he was a work colleague and I wasn’t interested.

Then a few minutes later he texted, “That wasn’t meant for you”, which made it even worse, because I was relieved… but then also felt a little rejected!

Later, I realised he was probably lying that it wasn’t meant for me, which made the situation even creepier, because at least be an adult about it.


Paula, 42

I had this big presentation I did with a colleague in Singapore, in front of my boss and an international company.

We smashed it, and decided to have a big celebratory dinner. As I was getting ready in my hotel room, my boss texted to congratulate me on a job well done, adding that I was so valuable to the team, and that after three years with the company, I’d earned another pay rise and a promotion.

My heart sank as I knew it was meant for my colleague, because I’d only been with the company for six months. I decided not to say anything, and went to dinner with a smile on my face but was a little crushed on the inside, because, what about me?!

Briony, 25

I got a text from my boyfriend of three years, “Make up sex tonight”, with a devil emoji.

Sounded great… the only problem was, not only had we not had a fight or anything to ‘make up’ about, but we were living in different cities…

So that was the end of that, basically.

Amee, 35

I’d just had a weekend on my parents’ property to celebrate my mum’s 65th birthday. I drove from Sydney, and my older sister came in from Melbourne.

It had been such a great weekend, and made me realise how much I missed my family and my childhood.

Filled with all the warm fuzzies, as I was driving back on the Sunday night, I got a text from my mum.

“Why does Amee wear so much make up? You don’t, and you’re older than her.”

Literally oh my god, mum.

Have you ever received a text which wasn’t meant for you? Group therapy is open in the comments.

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