‘We just don’t understand.’ Teresa Palmer opens up on the pregnancy loss of her fifth child.

This article deals with an account of pregnancy loss that could be triggering for some readers.

Australian actor Teresa Palmer has opened up about the pregnancy loss she experienced three months into her fifth pregnancy.

The 38-year-old shared a video on Instagram charting the emotional stages she's been through in recent months, after finding out she was pregnant and then processing the grief of losing her baby. 

The Instagram video begins with Teresa revealing her positive pregnancy test to her four children and husband Mark Webber. 

Watch Teresa Palmer's video below.


The actor spoke further about the traumatic experience in her caption. 

"It feels really good to be able to share my story. Honoured and grateful to have been able to carry this little soul, my fifth baby, in my heart and body for the past three months. Sometimes in life, things happen that we just don’t understand," she wrote.

"Brimming with gratitude for my people who have held me close during this time. To anyone who knows the pain of pregnancy loss, sending you immense love."

The video concluded with Palmer crying after discovering she had lost her baby. 

Palmer's clip has been flooded with comments from her followers and famous friends. Mandy Moore commented "Sending you and your family all of my love." 

Isla Fisher added, "I'm so incredibly sorry for your loss." 

"My love," simply wrote, The O.C.'s Rachel Bilson.

Palmer has four children with her husband: Bodhi Rain, 9, Forest Sage, 6, Poet Lake, 4 and Prairie Moon, 2, plus she is also stepmother to Webber’s son, Isaac.

Teresa Palmer's family. Image: Instagram/@teresapalmer.


Palmer did not publicly announce her fifth pregnancy. This is the second time the actor has opened up about pregnancy loss. Back in 2020, she revealed in a chat on Mamamia's No Filter podcast that she had suffered early pregnancy loss in August 2015, due to complications from a hydatidiform mole, or complete molar pregnancy. 


During the chat, the Adelaide-born actor spoke about the stigma attached to the word 'miscarriage'. 

"The word 'miss', to miscarry something, puts the onus on the mother; it's shame, it's guilt, it's [as if] the mother's done something wrong — she's miss-carried the baby," she told host, Mia Freedman. 

"The majority of miscarriages just have nothing to do with any of the mother's actions."

Teresa said she will share 'the full story' of her recent pregnancy loss in an upcoming episode of The Mother Daze podcast.

Palmer is known for her roles in movies such as Warm Bodies, The Choice, I Am Number Four, Bedtime Stories and Lights Out, as well as TV parts in A Discovery of Witches and The Clearing

The actor is currently starring in the Ryan Gosling and Emily Blunt action-comedy, The Fall Guy.

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Feature image: Instagram/@teresapalmer.

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