Apparently the best jeans on the market right now only cost $30.

If you’re always on the lookout for the perfect pair of jeans, look no further.

The nation has spoken, and according to women all across Australia, they’re at Target.

That’s right, one of our favourite bargain department stores is also the happy home of our favourite new jeans, and the best part is, they only cost around $30 (depending on the style).

Target’s Sophie jeans come in a variety of cuts and styles – ankle-length, biker, full-length, distressed – and they’ve been flying off the racks.


According to one reviewer at, what makes them so great is that they’re stretchy, but they don’t lose their shape, and the waistband sits high enough for them to be comfortable and offer support without looking like ’80s mum jeans.

They also somehow manage to be the exact right length on almost everyone.

It’s like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants, but for real.

Naturally, a woman is the genius behind these jeans, and designer Karen Brickell, Target Australia’s Head of Design – Womenswear, says she’s actually had women come up to her and thank her for creating the Sophie jeans.

They’re that good.

“I am constantly amazed and quietly proud about the quality, the cut and the price – it’s a winning combination,” she told

And fans of the Sophie jeans agree with her. Target’s Instagram page is flooded with comments from women praising them.

“Best jeans everrrrr,” commented one fan.

“I must say these jeans are a perfect fit!” wrote another.

Okay, we’re sold.