The $49 Target dress that's so versatile, it's the only dress you'll ever need.

Women of Australia, you need to know about this perfect dress. And please know, I do not use the word “perfect” lightly. I’m serious! It is so perfect, in fact, that you may never need to buy another dress again.

Of course, that is silly talk, because if anything makes me get out of bed, it’s the knowledge that in my future, I can and will buy more clothes. But you get what I mean: this is a dress that you will wear everyday, everywhere – and it’s only $49 from Target.

Yes, Target! The exact same place where I buy undies for my children. This is not a sponsored post. I am just weirdly obsessed with Target and clothes. That’s not strange, is it? I mean, when most women my age are really into candles and the guy from Outlander?

So, the Tencel Utility Dress from Target. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.

Firstly, it’s a shirt-dress. And to use boring fashion-speak, a shirt-dress is universally flattering. What does that mean? It means that it will look good on you, as well as the lollipop lady up the road, and the nice woman next door, and your mum, and your work nemesis. A shirt-dress suits everyone! This baby is available in sizes 8 through to 20. I’m wearing it in a size 12 – my usual size – and it’s a little roomy.

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Now, this shirt-dress is special for a few reasons. I will start with the best reason. IT HAS POCKETS. And not just the pockets on the boobies – I’m talking about the pockets just below the hips, for you to stash lip balm and your phone and money and tissues with your kid’s boogers in it. Any dress without pockets is an unfeminist abomination. There, I said it. Women have stuff! We need to put it in places! Pockets for everyone!

Another cute thing about this dress is that it has a handy belt to tie around your waist. Defining your waist is always a good thing. I’m sure there’s a fashion-y reason for that, but I like how it makes me feel like a present to the world. Today, I give everyone the gift of…ME!

If you are lazy and hate doing laundry, you could wear this dress everyday, and no-one would notice – as long as you have some styling tricks up your sleeve. It also helps if you buy the dress in every colour (khaki, black and chambray), as I did.

Here’s three ways to work the dress of my dreams.

Just bung it on!


The dress looks instantly chic. (Image: Supplied.)

Wearing the dress on its own, with the top buttons undone, looks instantly chic. Work meeting, or weekend brunch? Doesn’t matter, you’ll look pulled-together and sophisticated!

Casual Cool.

The dress of my dreams! (Image: Supplied.)

 Sometimes, I freak out that I’m in my mid-thirties, and decide that I do not want to look like a mature mum-lady. I crave grunge and streetiness. It is during times like these that I pop a t-shirt over my shirt-dress, and shove a beanie on my noggin. Am I a rockstar in my own right, or am I a Bon Jovi stalker? You decide.

Faux trench. 

Versatile Target Dress.
This Target dress can even give you a trench-like effect. (Image: Supplied.)

Every single season, some fashion expert will say that the trench coat is ‘in’. Spoiler: the trench coat is always ‘in’. And, look! I have my nifty Target dress that I can layer on top of other outfits, for a trench-like effect. Take that, fashion! I beat you!

Carla Gee is a Sydney writer, illustrator and podcaster. Find her on Instagram and Facebook.

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