The fashion trick that'll keep you in your normal jeans during pregnancy.

Finding the Holy Grail of jeans – a pair that flatters and fits you perfectly, is a #lifegoal for most of us. So what do you do when you’re faced with the prospect of not being able to fit into them for at least the next nine months because you’re pregnant?

Do you just give up on them and post a photo on Insta in five years’ time (or never) of you getting back into them again?

Do you just surrender your denim heaven as one of the first of a billion parenting sacrifices you will make over the next couple of decades (at least)?

Do you bite the bullet and start the exhausting search for the Holy Grail of pregnancy jeans?

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Or, even more frustratingly, have you found your perfect pregnancy jeans aren’t as perfect at six months as they were at five months?

Before you decide to give up and go sans pants for a year, try this hack. It will cost you the price of a packet of rubber bands or hair bands.

Take a rubber band and loop it around your pants button two or three times leaving a long loop tail. Take that looped tail and draw it through the buttonhole then back around to the button where you wrap it one last time.

Boom. Pants closed.

pregnancy jeans
It's that easy.

And no one will ever be able to tell - unless you're wearing your matching denim crop top.

It's a much cheaper solution than buying a new pair of jeans, or forking out for a proper pregnancy pants extender-belt which you may only use a few times, and which you have to drag your exhausted self to the shop for - or spend hours trolling the internet looking at reviews.

The elastic band is a quick-fix hack for a time and energy-poor, budget-conscience mum-to-be.

So feel more like yourself in your favourite pants, and save your money for the things you really need - like massages and chocolate!