After reports emerged she's in "relationship hell", Sylvia Jeffreys responded brilliantly.

Today Show presenter Sylvia Jeffreys has fiercely responded to rumours peddled by a tabloid magazine that her marriage to Peter Stefanovic isn’t doing too well.

The rumours in question came after a paparazzo took a photo of Stefanovic, 36, and Jeffreys, 32, walking down the street. The image was then paired with the headline: “New relationship hell: Television stars Peter Stefanovic and Sylvia Jeffreys are far from the throes of newlywed bliss”.

And how was this conclusion arrived at? Because god forbid they walk around their neighbourhood without a smile spread across their face.

It’s a bit of a stretch by any means.


Posting a photo of the article on Twitter and Instagram, Jeffreys was more than willing to call out the publication for its, shall we say… artistic licence on the truth.

“Today’s offering from the ‘Fabricated Stories Based on Unflattering Papparazzi Photos’ file. Why no byline @NewIdeamagazine? #itsanextensivefile.”

Fans and colleagues commented with their support for the Today host, who married her long-term partner in April 2017.

Her future sister-in-law Jasmine Yarbrough – who has been parrying her own share of speculation that her marriage to Karl Stefanovic is off – gave her opinion of the situation.

“Hahaha it’s just so bad!! Don’t worry love our marriage is apparently off as well. Maybe we should move in together?” she wrote.

Sunrise reporter Edwina Bartholomew and Channel 9 journalist Amelia Adams also had Jeffreys’ back.

“I like to call that ‘Resting shift worker face’. And mine is a whoooooole lot worse than yours!” wrote Bartholomew on Twitter.

Jeffreys joked she was “pretty sure this one was ‘resting supermarket face'” – something we are all far too familiar with.

Adams also realised the ‘ridiculousness’ of the situation, while remarking on Jeffreys’ flawless skin (give us your skin secrets, please).

“LOL! So far from reality it’s actually ridiculous. On the plus side, your skin looks amazing. I hope that at least got a mention in this highly reputable article,” she wrote.