What cost of living crisis? There's a cafe in Sydney serving a $1500 cup of coffee.

In the latest of ridiculous things to cross the Mamamia News desk, a cafe in Western Sydney is serving coffee so rare it costs $1500 for a cup.

According to The Daily Telegraph, The Brew Lab Cafe in Penrith have sold just two cups of its filtered single origin variety, which is grown at the base of a volcano in Panama. 

But hold your oat milk, because the coffee is to be served black with no milk or sugar. 

Speaking to The Tele The Brew Lab owner Mitchell Johnson said drinking the coffee is "an experience". 

“This is an after-hours experience, only served one-on-one where we close the doors and talk the person through the process," he said. 

“This particular coffee, you drink it as it cools down and the flavours change and evolve, giving way to tastes of peach, strawberry, lemonade, rose and juniper."

“It’s an exceptional coffee, the kind of coffee that makes people cry, I know that sounds crazy but it’s happened, it’s brought them to tears."

Batch #22324 is available to book on the website now.

It got us thinking: What are some of the things we could buy right now that are $1500, instead of a cup of coffee.

JÄTTEBO Ikea couch 


This IKEA couch. Looks comfortable. Smart. Useful. 

Versace, baby!  

Add some Versace to your wardrobe. This little number will set you back $1576 on The Outnet. A little over $1500, sure but it's on sale from $4,922 so A STEAL. 


Baby you can light my fire... 

The Webber Spirit. The daddy of the Webber's seems a sage investment for $1500 as think of all the meals and fun times to be had with the BBQ.

If you, like many of us at Mamamia, are now panicked about an impending soar in the price of coffee be inspired by staffer Lily Alsep who quit coffee and wrote about the experience.

On quitting coffee, Lily said she:

1. Felt a whole lot less anxious.

2. Slept better. 

3. Was better hydrated. 

Excuse us whilst we have our morning brew. 

Paid for an expensive coffee? Tell us in the comments below. 

Feature Image: Getty Imeages.


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