Susan Carland and Waleed Aly's text message exchange has seen Susan crowned Wife of the Year.

Susan Carland wants to nominate herself for Wife of the Year in the category of “super-human restraint and angelic forbearance” and we are ready to second that.

The celebrated academic and feminist posted to Instagram to remind us all that she and her husband – Waleed Aly, host of The Project and speaker of thoughts, are just like us, and have nights when ‘looking’ for the remote turns into a frantic search and rescue mission, all of which could have been avoided had someone properly checked the drawer.

But hey, there’s no need to gloat.

Well maybe a little bit of gloating.


In a casual text exchange between her and Waleed, Susan takes the high road to zen-levels of patience, and self-control where many would have faltered and jumped ship in light of the glorious ‘I told you so!’ opportunity that was just there, waiting to be said.

Later, Carland updated the post with “female/male like ratio – 200/1 Laydeez, you get it”, showing that we are all victims to the male CFS (that’s Can’t Find Shit) Syndrome, which is a thing. Even the Internet says so.

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Side note: points to Waleed for trying to distract with brunch, but extra points to Susan for gracefully bypassing this diversionary tactic and telling it like it is… which by the way is okay once the offender admits his wrongs, just like do it with the aforementioned restraint, and forbearance etc.

Side side note: Waleed is saved in Susan’s phone as ‘Love’. awwwwwwwwww.