This candid Australian wedding photo has gone viral for being a little too relaxed.

Somewhere in Adelaide there is a woman who does whatever the hell she wants, and we are so here for it.

A photo has gone viral of a bikini-clad woman lying on a beach, right next to where a wedding procession was taking place.

Yes, a wedding.

Proving she literally gives zero f***s, the woman can be seen lying face-down on her towel just metres away from where a crowd of people had gathered for the ceremony, completely oblivious to what was happening around her.

The photo first appeared on the Instagram page, Sh*t Adelaide, and quickly went viral.

Not much is known about the backstory behind the photo or the woman in it, other than that she’s a goddamn hero, and there should be a national holiday every year to celebrate her.


The only thing funnier than the picture are the captions on it, with people inventing their own hilarious backstories as to why the woman refused to move – even with 50 people hovering over her, blocking her sun.

“Maybe that WAS the bride,” wrote one person.

“That’s just cousin Shazza. She always passes out drunk and half naked at family weddings… although during the ceremony is a new record…” commented another.


Others were more concerned about her overall well-being…

“How rude. Poke her with a stick…” read one comment.

“I thought it was a dead body. Which would be slightly worse,” wrote someone else.

And then others were just being generally awesome…

“I now pronounce you tan and wife,” wrote one pun genius.

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We’ll probably never know who the woman is, why she refused to move or what was going through her head while a whole damn wedding was taking place right behind her. But one thing we do know for sure is she’s an inspirational badass who managed to own the whole beach and completely upstage an entire wedding party.

Never change, random sunbathing lady. Never change.