Celeb in 5: Tuesday's best entertainment and gossip news.

1. The Bachelorette’s Stu has been accused of cheating on Sophie Monk and oh GOD NO.

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We know looks can be deceiving... but this doesn't look good.

Several gossip magazines, as well as The Daily Telegraph's Confidential, report Bachelorette hot favourite Stu Laundy spent ample time with businesswoman and socialite Tiffany Tilley - all while Sophie Monk was overseas in Thailand.

Before we jump to the conclusions many already have, let's take a second to stop and consider: a) We don't even know if Stu won The Bachelorette, b) Even if he did win, spending time with another woman does not make you a cheater, and c) This could all be complete bullsh*t.

Listen: Stu dropped a bombshell on Soph in the most recent episode. Michelle Andrews and Zara McDonald discuss this and more. (Post continues...)

And if you need some more reassurance that our Sophie will get the happily after she deserves, Tilley’s friends told Confidential the rumours were, well, crap.

"I called Tiffany when I heard about this and she is denying anything has happened," she said.

"They don’t even really know each other."

2. People are super duper offended by Ivanka Trump's nipples. Would like them to be removed, please.

When Ivanka Trump posted this photo on Instagram...


...she probably wasn't expecting the conversation to turn to her nipples and whether or not they should be visible through her jumper. And yet, it did. Because INTERNET.

The daughter of, and advisor to, the US president Donald Trump was at an event in Pennsylvania speaking about tax reform, but all commenters could focus on was whether her outfit was "appropriate".

"Nipples are appropriate for such an event?!," commented one. Another urged her to "wear a top that's appropriate for your position".

We see what they mean. Nipples? On a human being? Covered by clothing?


Others suggested that Ivanka's nipples should have been edited out of the photos, at the very least, because as we know breasts are incredibly offensive (as are most parts of the female body).

"You could have done a little airbrush on the nipples just saying," stated one, while another suggested she could have bought nipple shields.

Euuuuuuuuugh. Next story, please.

3. Leonardo DiCaprio's new girlfriend fits all his criteria: legal, nowhere near 25.

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Good news, friends! Old mate Leonardo DiCaprio has stuck with tradition like a true soldier, opting to date another teenager.

The 42-year-old (who turns 43 in just a few short weeks, hooray!) was seen gallivanting around L.A. this week with New Zealand model Juliette Perkins, who turned 19 in September.

It's heartening to see Leo find another perfect match. She really does fit Leo's criteria for women. We mean, come on: super young... but still legal. Tick, tick!

4. Kendall Jenner buys Charlie Sheen's mega mansion.

Kendall Jenner is off and out of her WeHo (Google tells me that is short for West Hollywood) home, and swapping it for Charlie Sheen's old place.

The businessperson and TV personality reportedly paid $8.5 million for the house, which is a bit less than what Sheen was hoping. She's clearly a great negotiator.

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Jenner's mother, Kris, is reportedly quite happy with the move, after a number of scary incidents at her WeHo home.

Jenner will surely be settling into her new mansion, which has five bedrooms, six bathrooms, and even a 'Queen's' courtyard.

Oh... same. Our houses have all those things too. Sure.

5. Roxy Jacenko's big, beautiful hair change is for an important cause.

TODAY raising funds and awareness for Breast Cancer with @toniandguyau ❤️

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Honestly, we'll always care when Roxy Jacenko does something to her hair. And the PR entrepreneur's latest look is no exception... except for that we can feel good about caring too.

The breast cancer survivor and mum-of-two has traded in her blonde hair and dyed her it pink to raise money and awareness for cancer research during Breast Cancer Awareness month.

While we think Roxy's hair looks amazing, turns out not everyone was a fan.

"Pixie wasn’t impressed," she said. "She was feeling left out, and asked, ‘Why can’t I have that?'"

Can we jump on board too, Roxy? Thanks.

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