The makeup rule to keep in mind when going from brunette to blonde.

A dramatic hair colour change can make a big difference, but the transformation doesn’t end when you leave the hairdresser’s chair. In fact, that’s just the start.

You see, what everyone forgets is that switching up your hair colour isn’t just a change to the mop on your head. It changes EVERYTHING. Your all-black uniform just looks gothic rather than chic, while the lipstick you’ve worn every day for the past five years suddenly doesn’t look right anymore.

It’s an unspoken rule Kim Kardashian knows too well right now. A month after returning to her peroxide blonde (Khaleesi-inspired?) hair, the reality TV star’s makeup artist Ariel has written on her website about the makeup changes Kardashian has had to make after lightening her dark hair.


The first stop? Her foundation. Usually favouring a warm tone for her base, Ariel says that with blonde hair it’s just been making Kim look orange. To avoid, she has been wearing La Mer Soft Fluid Long Wear Foundation in Tan #42, which has a more neutral base. Oh, and it will set you back a very casual $200. Erm, bargain?

It’s the same with blush, with Kim switching warm, peachy tones blushes for more pink-tones.

The lighter hair has also meant a complete swap in brow products to match the new colour. However, in her makeup revamp, the KUWTK star reckons she’s found the perfect nude lip colour for new blondes – MAC’s Lip Liner in Cork, $30. Ariel describes it as “the perfect mixture of pink and peach”.

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According to Edwards and Co stylist James Plain, the knock on effect of your hair colour change is very important to consider.

“It’s essential to discuss make up changes too otherwise clients will think that their new colour doesn’t suit them. However something as simple as changing a lip colour can tie everything together,” he says.

So why does it cause things that previously worked to look so different?

“The colour of your hair actually alters the way your complexion appears, so some makeup shades may not be as flattering,” explains internationally renowned makeup artist, beauty blogger and influencer Heidi Hamoud.


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If you’ve gone darker, the easiest change can be to just tone things down.

“When your hair is lighter, you can do more crazy things with eye shadow and liner. But the minute you go darker, you need keep it more neutral around the eyes. Otherwise, you can look really overdone.” makeup artist Ricky Wilson previously told Allure.


On the flip side, pale lipstick colours and light blush tones can be too much of a contrast.

“If you have an olive skin tone opt for darker hues like plum blush, smoky eyeliner, burgundy lipstick,” explains Hamoud.

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Light to dark

“For dark hair and lighter skin tones, go for medium blush tones of rosy pink or rosy browns and for the eyes, mocha or charcoal tones look best with dark brown eyeliner and coatings of black mascara.

“Keep the lips nude to offset really dark strands and reach for rich jewel tones across the eyes.”


Dark hair can also wash out paler skin tones because the colour contrast is much more noticeable.

“When going from light to dark you will want to add warmth to your make up tones, become best friends with your bronzer and deepen your brows and lashes,” advises Edwards and Co’s Plain.

Dark to light

If you’re making like Kim Kardashian and swapping dark from light, you don’t have to say goodbye to your highlight.

“Lighter hair can also go for nice glowy skin, adding highlight for a health complexion,” says makeup artist Lorraine Hong from Blown Lux.

A quick change? Just soften your makeup look.(Post continues after gallery).

“Soft, pastel makeup shades complement light hair colours. For the eyes, ashier or bronze tones look fabulous and for the cheeks and lips, light pink and pale peach tones are favourable,” says makeup artist Hamoud.

“If you opt for medium blonde, dust on a medium bronzer on the areas where the sun would naturally hit.

“For super light blonde hair, smudge bronze or light brown eyeliner onto the eyes and keep the eyebrows lightly filled in. Pair with light berry or peach shades.”

Cool toned shadow also look good with lighter hair, like silver, grey or even champagne gold.

“Be sure to really blend out shadows for a soft eye look and smoke out the outer corner,” says Brown Lux’s Hong.