Stu Laundy says the true love of his life may have been someone other than Sophie all along.

We get that The Bachelor is a reality television show, and that a real, long term relationship is highly unlikely. We do.

But past Australian successes like Tim and Anna, Sam and Snezana, have given us a false hope that maybe this show might be legitimately…  successful?

Stu Laundy was not as hopeful as the rest of us in a recent interview with Confidential, expressing his opinion that his break up with Sophie Monk was inevitable.

After remaining relatively quiet post separation, Stu has now apologised to Australia for the fizzling of the reality television born relationship.

Listen to Sophie Monk on No Filter: “I felt like a reject”. (Post continues after audio.)

“Soph’s and my story is our story. I’m sorry to Australia but the reality is most of these stories will finish with the couple not together,” Stu said during the interview on Sunday.

As per most public break up announcements, Stu declared Sophie and himself were perhaps just destined to be “really good mates”.

He also told the publication that perhaps the true love of his life was never going to be Sophie, as he’d already found it in his ex-wife.

We need to talk about the suspicious timing of Sophie and Stu’s break-up.

“Sadly for me I may have had the love of my life in my ex-wife and wasted it but I’ll keep searching,” he confessed.

Stu also reasoned that the “pressure” from the public scrutiny partially contributed to the breakdown of his relationship with Sophie, agreeing with past views voiced by former Bachelor Tim Robards.


“I agree with Tim Robards and his opinion that they’re like arranged marriages,” he said.

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Sophie Monk shared the news that the two had decided to part ways to her 473,000 Instagram followers in January after much speculation of a break up from the public.

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