The full cast for the upcoming Binge series Strife, starring Asher Keddie, has been announced.

Production has officially begun on Strife, with Binge announcing the new cast members who have joined the upcoming series alongside Asher Keddie.

Inspired by Mia Freedman’s memoir Work, Strife, Balance and written and adapted for screen by Australian screenwriter Sarah Scheller, the series is set in the early days of publishing and digital media.

The upcoming comedic drama series tells the story of an imperfect woman and publisher named Evelyn Jones (Keddie) and tracks her journey from lounge room blogger to becoming a leading force in women’s media.

Strife, which was commissioned by the Foxtel Group from award-winning production company Made Up Stories, in partnership with Fifth Season, also centres on the complexities of female friendships and workplace dynamics, especially those that are forged in a startup workplace environment.

Bringing these stories to life on-screen, alongside Asher Keddie, is a newly announced ensemble of established and up-and-coming talent including Matt Day, Jonathan LaPaglia, Tina Bursill, Emma Lung, Maria Angelico, Rhys Mitchell, Olivia Junkeer, BeBe Bettencourt, Bryony Skillington, Lucy Ansell, Darcy Tadich and Willow Speers.

Bruna Papandrea (Big Little Lies, Wild, Nine Perfect Strangers, Penguin Bloom, The Dry, The Undoing) Jodi Matterson, and Steve Hutensky serve as executive producers for Made Up Stories, alongside Freedman, Keddie and Scheller, Brian Walsh and Alison Hurbert-Burns for Binge. The Commissioning Editor for the series is Lana Greenhalgh. Brian Walsh was a commissioner and Executive Producer of Strife.


The team behind Strife: Steve Hutensky, Alison Hurbert-Burns, Jodi Matterson, Mia Freedman, Amanda Laing, Asher Keddie, and Sarah Scheller. Image: Binge 

Strife Executive Director, Alison Hurbert-Burns, said: "We are so excited for the cameras to start rolling on Strife. A series that is led by an incredible collection of creatives, including the formidable line-up of women helmed by Bruna, Jodi, Asher and Mia. 


"Strife is a strong, character-driven Australian story, the likes of which Binge seeks to tell, stories that delight both local audiences and capture global appeal."

Papandrea, Matterson, and Hutensky said, "We have had so much fun developing Mia’s brilliant book for the screen with Asher, Sarah and Stuart and our friends at Binge. 

"We cannot wait for audiences to fall in love with Strife and with these characters, brought to life by an incredible cast lead by Asher."


Writing for Mamamia about the making of Strife, Mia Freedman said: "I had no interest in making a show about myself and Bruna agreed. We wanted to tell a story about a complicated woman who starts her own business. About the complexity of ambition and motherhood and the force that is female friendship. About what it’s like working in a startup alongside women, creating intimate content that bonds you in ways that can be intense and problematic and wonderful.

"About long term relationships and the time in a woman’s life - her 40s - when the world seems to open up at the same time as your fertility shuts down. It’s about choices and challenges and the dichotomy of being a public person who wants a private life even though that life is something that feeds her work.

"It’s not a story about me but it’s inspired by aspects of my life and career during the time Mamamia started and began to grow."

Strife is commissioned by the Foxtel Group for Binge and will also be available on Foxtel.

Feature image: Binge.

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