Woman shares hilarious strategy to stop her boyfriend cheating. Internet doesn't... get it.

A UK woman has come up with a way to stop her boyfriend from cheating on her that’s both clever and… slightly problematic.

Holly Cockerill shared a photo on Twitter of the shirt she made for her boyfriend Karl and its very clear message.

“If your (sic) reading this you’ve been looking at my man for too long,” the shirt reads.

“And this is how I’d be looking at you if I was here.

“HI I’m Holly, his GIRLFRIEND!”

Holly threatens the fiercest side-eye. Image: Twitter.

In what appears to be a joke, Holly said Karl didn't seem to like his birthday present much.


"You best keep it on at all times, even around ya family," the 24-year-old said to her boyfriend in a later post.

Twitter users' opinions of the shirt were split, with some praising her humour, some calling it "controlling" and others unable to get over the glaring "your/you're" typo.

While it is a fair point that yes, if the roles were reversed we may not find this post so funny, it is obvious that Holly is joking about forcing her boyfriend to wear the shirt at all times.

The young woman said so herself in follow up tweets, stating it was "baffling" that so many people took her seriously.

"It’s called having a laugh it’s going straight in the bin so relax," she told one critic.