Toni demanded $183 from her cheating ex if he wanted to speak to her again. He paid it.

If there’s one thing the internet can’t get enough of, it’s the intricacies of strangers’ dating lives.

Especially when it comes to backing up our sisters navigating, well, some of the trash fire men out there roaming the earth.

So when one woman took to Twitter to share her clever, yet delightfully savage, way of both seeking revenge on her cheating ex and making a quick buck, the women of the internet had one resounding opinion:

Get it girl.

UK woman Toni Osborne – who split with her former partner three years ago after he cheated on her – decided to send him a bill when he started pestering her with texts.

After initially ignoring his messages (wise move) he began begging for a response, saying he’ll do “whatever it takes”.

She then demanded a fee for her reply, securing herself squarely as our hero.

She tweeted: “I told my ex £100 ($AU183) to reply to him and he actually sent it,” along with screenshots from the message thread and her bank account with the freshly transferred funds.

Funds that would certainly come in handy at this time of year, right after Christmas, and just before monthly payday.




The ex obliged, labelling the transfer “Here ya go”, which seems… oddly casual, but righto.


Toni, who is officially our favourite person in the world right now, has received a ton of replies to her post, as well as more than 3000 retweets and over 32,000 likes.