Just the 5 best stand-up comedy specials you can watch on Netflix right now.

Gather round.

As the holiday season has officially begun, the time to endlessly watch Netflix series and specials is nigh. Guilt-free, of course.

And to avoid you scrolling through the streaming service for hours trying to decide what to watch, we have collated the five best comedy stand-up specials available to watch right now.

You’re welcome.

Dave Chappelle: Equanimity

standup specials netflix
Dave Chappelle: Equanimity. Image: Netflix.

Dave Chappelle is irrefutably a master of his craft. In fact, Kevin Hart, himself one of the highest-grossing comedians in history, has credited Chappelle as being the greatest stand-up comedians to have lived.

This stand-up special, released in 2017, sees Chappelle explore complex themes of race and political correctness before he moves on to voting - all discussed in an unspeakably funny fashion.

Charlie Sheen once said he laughed so hard at one of Chappelle’s shows that he ruptured his hernia. And after watching this special, it's easy to see how that happened.

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette

Hannah Gadsby: Nanette. Source: Netflix.

The critically-acclaimed comedy show is performed by Australian stand-up comedian Hannah Gadsby and was filmed at the Sydney Opera House in 2018.

The show sees the gay comedian reflect on growing up in Tasmania - a state that only decriminalised homosexuality in 1997 - as she examines her experiences dealing with toxic masculinity, mental illness and homophobia.

This stand-up show was named a joint winner of the prestigious Edinburgh Comedy Award and winner of the Barry Award at the Melbourne Comedy Festival.

It is, without a doubt, worth a watch.

Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room

standup specials netflix
Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room. Image: Netflix.

Actress and comedian Katherine Ryan released her second stand-up special with Netflix this year, titled Katherine Ryan: Glitter Room - the latter half of the title referencing the name she gave her daughter's room when they renovated their expensive London apartment.

The comedy routine is centred around Ryan navigating being a single mum in a hilariously relatable fashion and is a must-watch for all those going through similar circumstances.

Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife

standup specials netflix
Ali Wong: Hard Knock Wife. Image: Netflix.

Ali Wong is one of the most hilarious comedians of our era, and her special Hard Knock Wife proves why.

The show examines the themes of childbirth, marriage, motherhood and work-life balance.

Her answer on how she achieves a work-life-balance is simple, she explains.

“I have a nanny,” Wong says.

“That’s it.”

The show is breathtakingly raw and relatable and will have you in stitches the whole time.

Comedians of the world

best standup comedy netflix
Joel Creasey during his stand-up special on Netflix. Image: Netflix.

The 'Comedians of the world' Netflix series showcases 47 comedians from 13 regions in eight languages.

It includes Australia's own Joel Creasey and Nazeem Hussain as well as New Zealand's Cal Wilson and Urzila Carlson.

All four of them - performing their shows independently of one another - are laugh-out-loud funny and it's only 30 minutes an episode.

If you're in the mood for a laugh, they won't disappoint.


Feature image: Netflix. 

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