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Everything we know about the Mikey and Stacey cheating scandal about to erupt on MAFS. 

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There’s a cheating scandal brewing on Married at First Sight and we’re pretty sure we know most of the details.

The 2020 MAFS cast can’t seem to keep a secret. If we’re right about this – and we’re pretty certain we are – the affair will involve Stacey and Mikey.

For those who can’t keep up (we don’t blame you), Stacey is Michael’s wife and Mikey and Natasha were previously ‘married’ before they left the show earlier in the season.

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Ivan also hinted at their infidelity on yesterday’s episode of MAFS, tellings producers there was a “way bigger scandal to come”.

“I feel sorry for Michael,” he said at the boys’ night, which saw the reappearance of this year’s past contestants. “He’s got no idea. He’s not in Fairy Land. He’s not in the perfect relationship.”

“Mate, I know a lot of sh*t that’s happened behind closed doors in this experiment,” he continued. “Michael’s day will come. Very simple.”

Speaking to Chris in a later conversation, he told him, “What I know is that there is a way bigger scandal to come. It’s not my place to say.”

“Stacey? A bigger scandal?” Chris guessed.

“It’s not my place to say,” replied Ivan. “Wait until the reunion.”

While Ivan wouldn’t give up the goss (we’re not angry, just disappointed), Vanessa was a bit more forthcoming.

“I do think Stacey is a bit of a fool to come here in front of everyone and blatantly have her husband’s back. But I’m assuming Stacey has a much bigger secret that she’s hiding from her husband,” Vanessa said to a producer on Sunday’s girls’ night.

When probed for more information, she added, “Probably that she’s hooked up with someone else.”

Ivan and Vanessa aren’t the only cast members who’ve openly spilled the tea. Here’s everything we know about the cheating scandal that’s about to unfold on the show.

stacey mafs cheating
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What are insiders saying will happen on the show?

According to an 'insider' who spoke to OK! magazine (hear us out, these insiders have been very reliable this season) everything is about to be revealed during the MAFS reunion special.

Apparently, there are "text messages and other evidence that will hint they spent the night together. For example, some contestants saw her clothes left in Mikey's room that night..."

The rumour is that Mikey and Stacey went out one night and had a few drinks with Aleks and Ivan, which fits in with the theory that Ivan knows what happened.

Apparently, Michael (unsurprisingly) isn't happy when he finds out.

"He came into the reunion really cocky and he laughed at the rumours that she slept with Mikey... but then the texts came out and he slowly went into himself..." the insider says.

Michael is said to be left "devastated".

When did it start?

Previously speaking to Mamamia, Hayley confirmed that Stacey and Mikey do have an affair, which viewers will see during the reunion.

“It turns out during the break, Stacey actually sleeps with Mikey Pembroke and Mikey calls me during the break and goes, ‘I feel so bad for you that you’ve been vilified and I’m actually flying back from Italy,'” she added.

“Production actually paid for him to fly back from Italy to attend the reunion so he could confront Stacey.”

As Stacey is based in Adelaide and Mikey in Sydney, we're guessing their 'hook up' would have occurred either during the two-week filming break or during filming.

“Yeah it’s Mikey,” Hayley admitted. “Stacey and someone else are pretty much trying to bring Mikey down at the moment and say that, you know, he’s a terrible person, that he’s got a bad character, that he’s making all this stuff up to stay in the spotlight and to totally defame Stacey.


“It’s utter bullsh*t,” Hayley continued. “Stacey just can’t stand on her own two feet and cop it on the chin and I’m pretty sure that Mikey’s going to do a lie detector test to prove that he did get a leg over Stacey.”


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In a more recent interview, Hayley also told KIISFM's Kyle and Jackie O that Mikey might even do a lie detector test to prove his side of the story.

“Stacey just can’t stand on her own two feet and cop it on the chin and I’m pretty sure that Mikey’s going to do a lie detector test to prove that he did get a leg over Stacey,” she told the hosts.

What have Mikey and Stacey said about their alleged affair?

Mikey has confirmed his "one night stand" with Stacey.

“I can confirm we did have sex, but it was clearly after Natasha and I had agreed with producers that our relationship was over, and Natasha knew we weren’t together,” he said, speaking to

“I actually didn’t want this [story] out as it’s not the best way to end my time on the show, but it did happen.”


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Stacey, however, has continuously denied these allegations.

“I sit here today and swear on anything and everything that nothing happened between Mikey and I,” she said in a video obtained by Woman's Day.

“He is a narcissist and everything he says is wrong, it is so wrong. I have not even spoken to him once on camera so I don’t know where this little affair’s come from. I was with my partner and if I wasn’t with my partner, I was home in Adelaide visiting my children.

"Mikey is not a nice person, he's not. I now have to deal with the backlash that this has caused me. My children don't need to hear these fabricated rumours about me, it's disgusting."


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Could things be looking up now? ???? #MAFS

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The Adelaide law graduate repeated a similar sentiment to Nova 96.9's Fitzy & Wippa.

"He tried to partner swap with me, I said no," she said.

"I think he was upset, he didn't get his time on the show. He didn't get who he wanted. I respected that guy, I like him. I think he wanted his little bit at the end to pump his name up."


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Despite Stacey's claims, a series of leaked texts obtained by Woman's Day suggest she may have hooked up with Mikey.

The messages show an alleged conversation between Stacey and Mikey discussing the possibility of a partner swap.

"Yep if they let u [sic] swap would u [sic] do it?" he messaged. "I'm going to see how this dinner party plays out before I decide what I'm going to do."

Responding to his message, Stacey wrote back: "Okay yeah [sic] just sit on it."

He later also writes that he "wanted to kiss" her.

"I wanted to kiss u [sic] tonight," he wrote.

"Don't mean to be forward but some honesty for once can't hurt.


"Might ask Tara what's the go with swapping."

Very interesting indeed.

We're so excited.

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