The vegans don't want to split the bill with you.

Splitting the bill is murky business. 

Especially when people have different dietary requirements and budgets.

So, what if you're a vegan and all of your friends aren't? And what if their food costs a heck of a lot more than yours?

We spoke to the Mamamia community to hear their opinion on splitting the bill when one is a vegan. Here's what 10 women told us.

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"I will never split a bill again."

"A vegan for seven years here. I will never split a bill again after going to dinner with my then-boyfriend's friends and the bill came out to $1,300. I accounted for $80 including two drinks and an appetiser. It was wild how much they all drank. I paid $300 for that dinner and it was miserable for me." — Issy.

"It's always annoying."

"All my friends have known I'm a vegan for years but every time we see each other, they suggest splitting the bill. I would have gotten a $19 curry while they chose to try an expensive steak. It's always annoying but they back down when I tell them the cost of my order compared to theirs. Sometimes it comes up with new people and I tell them that splitting the bill won't be the case for this dinner and they are always fine with it." — Kally. 


"It can really suck."

"As a vegetarian and non-drinker splitting the bill can really suck. Also, if you have fellow diners who order entrees and desserts. We had this continually happen until my cousin spoke up and we are glad she did as she rightly said her veggie pasta should not cost her $100." — Sarah.

"I'd rather not let money muck up a relationship."

"I'm vegetarian and always happy to split if we're all sharing! My friends and family are always super accommodating and ensure we order lots of vego stuff for the table. If we're ordering separate meals and I got a $20 pasta and someone got a $60 steak, I would feel less inclined to split down the middle. But, I always take the approach that I'd rather not let money muck up a relationship." — Sydney.

"We usually just eat vegan."

"I'm a vegan who eats out with non-vegans all the time and we usually just eat vegan. It's very cultural to share meals when we eat in a group so we all split bills in equal amounts." — Maddy. 

"You pay for what you had."

"I'm vegan but that's irrelevant as food usually costs the same anyway. One friend picks up the bill, posts a picture of the receipt and you pay for what you had." — Asten. 

"I got sick of paying $110 for some broccoli."

"I’m vegetarian, gluten-free and hardly eat anything when out to dinner (weird ADHD food things). So, I announce at the start I’m paying for my own only as I often can only get a side of steamed vegetables off the whole menu for $11. I got really sick of paying $110 for some broccoli." — Clare.


"Being 'tight' with money over food makes me uncomfortable."

"I’ve been a vegetarian my entire life and these days meat/vegan options are pretty similar priced in inner Melbourne. I also have an aversion to nitpicking money with friends. I come from a European background and being ‘tight’ with money over food makes me feel uncomfortable. My friends are all generous and it all circles back. I’m happy to split the bill evenly!" — Scarlett.

"I hate it."

"As a vegan, I've experienced the awkward situation of a bill split. I hate it. I would rather pay for an entire dinner for my friends than have to split the bill. It is awkward for everyone, but especially for me who prefers appetisers and a glass of wine. I avoid it all costs so usually try to say over a text beforehand that I think we should pay separately. It's never not awkward though." — Rosie. 

"I prefer to just pay for my mates."

"My friends never expect me to split the bill! I think that is something people in their twenties do because they're balling on a budget. I am a vegan but even if I wasn't, I would still prefer to just pay for my mates. Then that means we're going round for round. I love it!" — Emily. 

"I have gotten into a few arguments."

"I always ask to get a receipt so we can make sure we have split everything fairly. I have gotten into a few arguments before with people who think it is easier to split but I always get my way. It is completely unreasonable for someone to expect me to pay for their food." — Laura. 

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