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gloried December 18, 2023

Gunter is envy

gloried December 7, 2023

They’re so invested in their self loathing and victimhood that they fail to recognise the fact that the women have agreed to go on a date with them - thereby disproving their whole world view. Destined to be trapped in a self fulfilling prophecy forever! With good reason too

gloried November 26, 2023

She is spot on - people tend to react like one’s decision to be child free somehow invalidates their own decision to have children. And it’s yet another sacred cow for women who continue to be defined by their relationships and in service to others. Because if we’re not mothers by a certain age what the hell are we up to? I’ve yet to hear anyone question a man’s decision to be child free - or be defined by fatherhood. 

gloried November 24, 2023

This is only really a big deal in your head. If you’re all adults it should not be an issue. Just tell her the next time you see her. No need to be defensive or make excuses. You’re just telling her your plans. End of. 

gloried November 10, 2023

I’d be happier not eating out with vegans. For a start finding a restaurant with a decent vegan menu is really hard; then I feel self conscious about what I’m ordering; then there’s the bill thing. It’s a lot.  Vegan friends are great for other activities like movies or bike rides but not eating out. 

gloried November 8, 2023

As someone who is both obese and diabetic I’d like to offer a perspective. Ozempic has been absolutely life changing for me. Nothing has helped control my blood sugar levels this well. I am sleeping better, exercising more, my hair has stopped falling out, my brain fog has cleared and my blood pressure is back to normal levels. And I’ve lost 15 kg, which is further helping to control my bsl and blood pressure. However as much as I empathise with people who are overweight and acknowledge that obesity comes with its own set of health risks and issues I am resentful of their use of Ozempic because it has created a shortage. I understand the desperation to lose weight - I really do. I understand that society puts too much emphasis on thin female bodies to the point that women carrying an extra 10 kg resort to Ozempic as a ‘quick fix’. But it’s not ok when it means I can’t get it readily and am forced to skulk around chemists feeling like a drug addict trying desperately to get my next hit. The anxiety and stress this causes sends my bsl and blood pressure up. I am on a number of online diabetics groups and people are really suffering physically and mentally because they can’t get their prescriptions filled. I take issue with Ozempic being described as a weight loss drug. It’s not a weight loss drug - it’s a treatment for diabetes. Weight loss can be a happy side effect but not in all cases. I wish there was enough to go around so people could use it just to lose weight but there isn’t. The TGA has said it should be prioritised for diabetics and I believe until supply is improved those without diabetes should not have access to it. 

gloried September 13, 2023

Definitely dopamine but I find I get a hit even without making an actual purchase. Especially online. I leave full shopping carts all over the net

gloried July 26, 2023

Such a non story - what women eat is entirely in their own hands. If a girl dinner is what they really want and it is so easy to assemble then what’s the problem? Cook the family dinner (or not - that’s a separate issue to work out with the adults in the family) and have yourself a girl dinner.  I love the idea of fend for yourself Fridays - I tend to let everyone go free range on the weekends. 

gloried March 15, 2023

Thought his answers were perfectly reasonable given the banal questions. 

gloried October 7, 2022

I have diabetes and haven’t been able to get this drug. I am also overweight which leads to other physical problems - having diabetes makes it very difficult to lose weight so it becomes a vicious cycle. This would literally change my life and was made for people in my exact circumstances. I find the justification for using it off script quite hollow when there is such a great demand for it by people for whom it was intended. Rachel’s rationalisation and sense of entitlement is palpable but you can tell she’s also a bit ashamed - which she should be. 

gloried June 10, 2022

I bought disposable nappies with every trip to the supermarket from the moment I fell pregnant. In different sizes. I was well stocked by the time my baby arrived. 

gloried May 24, 2022

@chogan9 Look up Avoidant Restrictive Food Intake Disorder. It is an eating disorder that affects children and can severely limit their food choices. 

gloried December 17, 2021

While the dropping death rate is somewhat reassuring it doesn’t change the fact that more people are getting COVID than ever before. I’m not worried about dying - I’m worried about catching COVID and living - getting really sick, being in hospital and possibly suffering from the effects of long COVID for months afterwards. 

gloried December 16, 2021

They killed Big off because Chris Noth has better things to do with his time. 

gloried August 17, 2021

24A - make the list in notes on your phone and you won’t need the notepad. 

gloried December 30, 2020

A little life just about ruined me for anything else for almost a year. Seriously the most compelling, absorbing and affecting book I’ve ever read. I still think about it today. The fact it’s top of your list makes me want to read everything else on it too. Thank you for taking the time to make the list - it’s quite a feat to whittle it down.