The entire state of South Australia experienced a power outage this evening.

South Australians have experienced blackouts across the state, with 1.67 million of its residents losing power from around 3.45pm on Wednesday.

After being hit with one of the most severe storms the region has seen in nearly 50 years, South Australian Premier Jay Weatherill is facing tough questions as to how a whole state is left without power when an entire electricity network shut down.

Federal Environment and Energy Minister Josh Frydenberg told 7.30 it was a culmination of events that led to the state-wide blackout.

“We do know that transmission towers were blown over in the north,” he told the program.

“We do know there’s been a lightning strike at a power station and the combination of these events and, indeed, other events has led to a frequency surge, an electricity surge, across the interconnector which then forced it to shut down as a matter of safety and to protect people and to protect the equipment.”

From about 8pm on Wednesday night reports began to emerge that power was restored in some areas across the state, with suburbs Gilberton, Hallett Cove, Kensington, Royston Park and Flagstaff Hill all steadily regaining light.

However, there is no word on when power will be back in its entirety, with SA Power Networks warning it “could be hours” and encouraging residents to “ensure you conserve mobile device battery.”

In an added blow for many of the state’s residents, the power outages have wrecked havoc for much of the South Australian Water Network, with some reporting they do not have access to water and are unable to clear sewage.

By late afternoon on Wednesday the State Emergency Service had responded to more than 270 calls for help, as the storm began to hit.

Tasmanians are now on high alert after their own severe weather warning was put in place for parts of the state as heavy rain and strong winds move through from South Australia.

*Feature image via Twitter/@brittaaahhny