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Just another massive clue that The Bachelor's Sophie doesn't end up with the Honey Badger.

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It’s spoiler time (again), because we are an impatient bunch and we just can’t wait until Thursday to see Britt who wins The Bachelor.

We basically know it’s not Brooke, after she, erm, accidentally told us all herself in an interview.

And now we’re pretty sure it’s not Sophie, either.


Well, apparently she’s gone and found herself a new man who definitely isn’t a Honey Badger.

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According to Woman’s Day, Sophie Tieman has moved on from Nick Cummins with a *mystery man*.

“She looks completely smitten in his company and can hardly stop smiling,” a source told the publication.

The news comes just days after photos were released of Sophie and winner favourite Britt on their way back from New Caledonia, where the finale was filmed, leading us to believe that they are most definitely the final two.

We’re pretty bloody sure whoever wins has already split with the Honey Badger, because clues, and the fact that Nick Cummins literally fled the country on Monday morning. So unless this means, in a plot twist, Sophie actually does win the Bachelor’s heart, but they’ve broken up and she’s moved on?




It’s Britt guys, it’s definitely Britt.

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