No, Sonya and Hadil. There is no excuse for what we saw on My Kitchen Rules tonight.

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Reality television producers are clever.

They earn their cash in being hidden puppeteers; strategic masterminds when it comes to befriending contestants, propelling drama, and creating delicious havoc.

They are wizards at pulling the necessary levers that transform the boring into thrilling. In manipulating real people and scenarios into TV gold, their toes can creep towards a line of immorality – one that occasionally demands they prioritise ratings ahead of the humans suffocating underneath them.

Producers can chop and change and weave footage together. They can be meticulous in what they do and don’t show.

They have a lot of power at their fingertips.


A TV producer cannot put the word “blowfish” in a contestant’s mouth. They cannot make you mutter “disgusting clowns” under your breath, or compel you to shout, “I’ve got a really good doctor to go to fix your ugly face”, or threaten, “I’ll come for you and I’ll come for you and I’ll come for you.”

Watch the outburst here. Post continues after video.

Video by Channel 7

When Sonya and Hadil of My Kitchen Rules infamy launched a pre-emptive strike on Channel 7  and its production team today, they brushed off their atrocious behaviour in tonight’s episode with a simple excuse:


“[We are] not in control of how we are portrayed but we lived it and can sleep well knowing the truth,” the pair wrote in an Instagram comment.

“Australia doesn’t know the truth and if they did they would feel ashamed that they are attacking two women who are the victims.

“Imagine how we feel watching the episodes back when the episodes have been extremely tampered with (the amount of editing is insane).”

TV’s best villain answers all our burning questions. Post continues after. 

Perhaps they are right, producers may have deleted some other jabs flying across the table. Perhaps those producers were careful in making one party seem innocent, and the other villainous. Perhaps they meddled with the entire situation. Perhaps we will never know what really happened around that weird and whacky television set.

What we do know is that these women’s taunts were acidic and venomous. That they abused other women simply for the way they look. That they were dogged in their attempts to make those same women feel belittled and humiliated in front of a group.

And so, I’m sick of reality television villains using ‘editing’ as an excuse for the garbage that leaves their mouths.

Yes, reality TV is edited. Yes, producers are savvy. Yes, your experience might be moulded in ways out of your control.

But nobody puts words in your mouth. Nobody made you spit such disgusting hate.

It would be rather refreshing for Sonya and Hadil to own that like adults.