The Bachelor’s Snez shares ‘every parent’s fear’ after her first flight with her baby.

Some passengers think that being seated next to a crying baby on a plane is a nightmare. But it’s even more arduous for the parents involved.

Last week, we learned George and Amal Clooney handed out noise-cancelling headphones to fellow travellers when they were flying from the US to the UK with their six-months-old twins.

Now, former Bachelor winner and mother-of-two Snezana ‘Snez’ Markoski has spoken about her anxiety travelling with two-month-old Willow for the first time.

Sharing an image of her 12-year-old daughter Evie cradling Willow with the plane window behind them, Snez said she was at first uncomfortable, and then relieved, when her youngest stopped crying right before take-off.

“Is it just me or does time go ever so slow when your baby starts crying on a full flight?,” the 37-year-old wrote.

“Luckily by the time we took off she had a clean new nappy and a full tummy and slept like an angel for the entire flight.”


Snez and her Bachelor partner, fitness instructor Sam Wood, 37, are engaged to be married, however their wedding plans have been somewhat delayed with Willow’s arrival.

“A wedding can happen whenever, we’re committed to each other and we have a family together,” Snez told NW Magazine in May.

And, as for Willow’s thoughts on the flight? She slept the whole way but lost her patience as the plane was disembarking – a frustration all of us can understand.

“She woke up as we waited to get off the plane, but that wait is enough to make anyone cry!”

Snez included the hashtag #everyparents fear on her post.

Earlier this year, a US dad went viral for his tweets aimed at people who whinge about babies crying on planes.

“As a parent, I can’t even explain to you the precautions we take to try to make sure our kid doesn’t cry on a plane. But it ain’t up to us,” Elon James White wrote.

So if you find yourself frustrated by the sounds of a crying baby, remember that’s only a fraction of the distress felt by the parents like Snez, who are only doing their best.

This is why parents make the best employees.