'I'm a single mum, sleeping with a much younger man. I guess you could call me a MILF.'

The cold sea breeze throws my hair on my face as I exit his apartment, feeling already deliciously sore down below. I wave a quick goodbye and don’t look back.

Later, I sent him a message asking, "How did you go in the morning?" because like a good mother, I am a caretaker and make sure everyone is always okay.

Nothing more to it.

He replies, "I was very tired."

"I could have kept going," I think to myself and smile.

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There and then, I could have been called a MILF; the term so overused these days but still taboo.

As a single mother to a teenager with two jobs, I hardly have the time to enjoy life. Gone are the days of being a housewife and gladly so. 

The new life as a single woman, but always a mother first, is like a double-edged sword. I have also become a woman who has found herself and knows what she wants.

In my first MILF experience, we glanced at each other’s eyes at the party and went to have sex for hours. 

I knew what I wanted. No games.

It was great, and I didn’t mind sitting on the pillow for a few days after. We met up again, and the same thing happened.


There were no boring dates or time wasting. Perfect.

At first, I didn’t quite realise how much younger he was. He was gorgeous. Beautiful smile, a sexy body, and I felt the attraction.

After the second time in his apartment, I felt like Carrie Bradshaw in the 'Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys,' and said to myself I’m never doing this again. 

The only difference was that his flatmate was asleep, and I got out when it was still dark outside.

I'm old enough to be his mother and a little bit more. However, I never revealed my age to him. It’s not important.

What’s important is to enjoy life and all its sudden upbeat twists and turns, just like in American Pie when Stiffler’s mum turns up and the boys scream, "MILF, MILF" all excited and horny.

Not every modern-day MILF is like Stiffler’s mum from American Pie, but to quote Paul Finch: "Stiffler’s mum is a goddess."

To many younger men, this type of woman represents the ultimate conquest. Someone they can learn from, someone who serves them and doesn’t demand emotional attachment.

Someone who freaks the young man out at times, but it’s all a learning curve for him.

One thing about older women is that they aren’t embarrassed or ashamed of anything, their bodies and how it reacts.

We were halfway through sex, and I squirted. Not just a little, but a lot. 

It wasn’t only on his bed sheet but went on his carpet, and he freaked out. 


"Is it going to stain? Will it come off?"

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While an older man, or of similar age to me, has said to me "he adores it" the younger one’s reaction is a mixture of shock and amazement. 

"Where is it all coming from? Is it pee?"

Of course, it’s not; female bodies are full of surprises.

For many women giving birth has been traumatic, but no man would ever know this just by having sex with us. We heal, we tighten up, and become sexier than we have ever been with age. 

We have a certain special glow. And, if we look closely, we can see the golden speckles in younger men’s eyes too when they observe us like the goddesses that we are.

My MILF experience was short-lived, as fun as it was. 

There is that other man out there who adores everything about me no matter how my body reacts. What truly matters in the long term for me? Having it all because life is too short. 

Being a MILF was an experience I will never forget. I am grateful I had a gorgeous guy with the guts to go for it.

I will also never judge other MILF’s because I know they are enjoying life and living in the moment like they should. Even if it means walking out of the 'Valley of the Twenty-Something Guys' at sunrise.

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