Skye Wheatley reckons being a mum is harder than I’m A Celebrity.

I'm A Celebrity winner Skye Wheatley is out of the jungle and back into everyday family life.

Skye has resumed work as a content creator on the Gold Coast and mother to Forest Van Waugh and Bear West Waugh with her long term partner, Lachlan Waugh.

After weeks spent deep in the jungles of South Africa — competing in grueling food and physical challenges along with surviving off rice and beans — Skye has come to a realisation: she kinda enjoyed it more than her hectic schedule of being a mum.

"Hi guys, I'll keep it real with you," Skye's Instagram post began. 

"Since being back from the jungle, I've never felt so overwhelmed. The days in the jungle were so slow, time almost stood still, we had no responsibilities other than traumatic trials to win ourselves dinner for the day (which when I compare to real-life daily routines and chores, it shockingly seemed so much easier)."

Skye went on to say that she was thankful for the carefree nature of jungle life with "no financial stresses or responsibilities of day-to-day chores like groceries and getting the kids to school on time."

She added that she's struggled to acclimatise back to her old routine, saying she had "been sleeping through my alarms," and dropping off her son Forest late at school.


"Now I'm home, the dogs barking, the constant cars in my driveway from tradesmen chipping away at the home... the baskets of washing piling up, the school lunches, the businesses I left behind," she continued.

Skye joked that the complexities of modern life made her want to "sell all my things, home school the kids, live in a caravan and go live in the wilderness," she wrote. The former Big Brother housemate noted that "life was so simple, so calm, so peaceful, we lived with so little but it honestly made my life so much easier."

The 30-year-old is hoping to apply this wisdom to her life now that she's back at home. "I've been asked so many times what the best lesson you learned while in the jungle," she wrote. "My answer to this is: we truly need to simplify our lives as we can so easily be grateful for less and live with so little."

Skye found instant fame on season 11 of Big Brother where she became a fast fan favourite for her bubbly personality and hilarious quips and placed third in the 2014 finale. From there, her career as a content creator skyrocketed on Instagram and TikTok growing a following in the hundreds of thousands.

Skye has been dating 33-year-old businessman Lachlan Waugh since they met on Tinder in 2017. They welcomed two children together, Forest on December 24, 2018, and their youngest son, Bear, on April 23, 2021.


Skye and her family. Image: Instagram/@skye.wheatley. 

In early 2023, Skye revealed on TikTok that she and Lachlan had experienced relationship issues resulting in them going on a break.

"We trialled co-parenting, so I would have the kids two nights then he would have the kids two nights. After a little bit doing that, [Lachlan] was like, 'Okay, you can come home now'," Skye said on TikTok.

The couple reconciled and Lachlan has been a fixture on her social media accounts ever since.

Feature image: Ten/Instagram/@skye.wheatley.

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