Pink’s message to everyone who says she was cringing at Christina Aguilera’s performance.

When it comes to award shows, there’s almost no moment that goes unnoticed by the cameras – or the eagle-eyed viewers enjoying the show from the comfort of their couches.

And yesterday was no different, when a camera appeared to capture 38-year-old singer Pink ‘grimacing’ during Christina Aguilera’s musical tribute to the late Whitney Houston at the 2017 American Music Awards.

As 36-year-old Aguilera hit the highest of high notes during I Will Always Love You, the camera panned to fellow chart-topper Pink, who was wearing a look that some described as “one of disgust”.

And because people can’t help but pit two successful women against each other, some suggested that the two singers have had a rocky relationship over the years… despite singing together on the 2001 hit Lady Marmalade.

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Others tried to shut down the chatter, saying that the two were good friends.

And it seems Pink couldn’t agree more, turning to Twitter to explain that the was not at all “cringing” during Aguilera’s performance, but was instead was admiring her talent. She then labelled the critics a bunch of “negative Nancys”.

Earlier in the evening, the mother-of-two had left the audience in tears with a moving rendition of R.E.M’s Everybody Hurts, which she sang alongside Kelly Clarkson in honour of those affected by the shootings, natural disasters and hate-fuelled violence that occurred during the year.

“This year, perhaps more than any other in recent history…we needed the power of music to help us heal,” Jamie Foxx said while introducing the performance.

“Here to pay respects to all those affected by the events of the past year, are two of the world’s most powerful voices coming together for the first time.”

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