So you've just finished watching Maid. Here are 6 binge-worthy shows to watch next.

If you've been on Netflix this week, chances are you've stumbled across Maid: the platform's newest limited series based on Stephanie Land's memoir, Maid: Hard Work, Low Pay, and a Mother's Will to Survive.

The 10-part series follows Alex (Margaret Qualley), a young mother who finds herself without any resources after leaving her emotionally abusive boyfriend, Sean (Nick Robinson). 

After fleeing in the middle of the night with her young daughter Maddy, Alex attempts to piece her life back together with just $18 in her pocket.

Watch the trailer for Netflix's Maid below. Post continues after video.

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If you're looking for your next series filled with raw family stories and authentic portrayals of motherhood, here are six shows that might satisfy your craving.

The Letdown

Image: Netflix.


Australian show The Letdown originally aired on the ABC back in 2016.

The series follows new mum Audrey as she navigates a mother's group, her relationship with her family, and all the other challenges that come with being a parent. 

Much like Maid, the series depicts the authentic hardships faced by a young mother.

You can watch The Letdown on Netflix.

Ginny and Georgia

Image: Netflix.

Ginny and Georgia is a comedy-drama that follows Georgia, a 30-year-old single mum and her 15-year-old daughter, Ginny, who are keeping a whole lot of secrets.

Following the death of Georgia's husband, yoga king Kenny, Georgia wants to give her kids everything she didn't have growing up, but all Ginny and Austin want is to stay in one place for a bit, just the three of them.

Aside from the suspense that will keep you on the edge of your seat through all ten episodes, Ginny and Georgia tackles some serious issues; like family and sexual violence, mental health, self-harm, race, and body image.

You can watch Ginny and Georgia on Netflix.


Image: Netflix.


Comedy-drama Shameless follows the poor, dysfunctional family of Frank Gallagher, a single father of six kids.

As Frank battles alcoholism and drug addiction, his children - Fiona, Phillip, Ian, Debbie, Carl, and Liam - are forced to take care of themselves.

Across 11 seasons, the show follows each character as they try (and sometimes fail) to find their place in the world.

You can watch Shameless on Netflix.


Image: Stan.


SMILF is a comedy series that follows Bridgette, a single 20-something mum who struggles to make ends meet while raising her young son.

It's got all the authentic themes we loved in Maid, while also touching on topics like sexuality and co-parenting.

You can watch SMILF on Stan.

Jane the Virgin

Image: Netflix.

Jane the Virgin is an American rom-com drama series that follows Jane Villanueva, a virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated and becomes pregnant during a routine gynecologist visit. 

Jane later learns the father is Rafael, Jane's crush from high school who is very handsome and very rich.

Like Maid, there's a lot of self-discovery to dive deep into, but you can also expect a good laugh.

You can watch Jane the Virgin on Netflix.

Orange is the New Black

Image: Netflix.


While the shows have very different premises, both Maid and Orange is the New Black were co-written by Molly Smith Metzler and we couldn't go help including another piece of her work.

The series follows Piper Chapman, a 30-something woman who is sent to jail for a decade old crime of transporting drug money to an ex-girlfriend.

Like Maid, OITNB explores inequality and identity.

You can watch Orange is the New Black on Netflix.

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