We asked two stylists to tell us the best shoes to wear with a white dress.

It may not be particularly practical for those of us prone to spilling food down ourselves, but we’ve noticed a lot of white dresses around this summer.

Of course, there’s the obvious occasion for a white dress like a wedding, such as the one Frances Abbott celebrated yesterday.

To tie the knot with fiance of three months Olympian Sam Loch, the personal trainer wore a simple but stylish strapless white knee-length dress, jazzed up with some animal print block heels.

But it’s not just for brides. The Little White Dress is has gained popularity in the last few years as a bright, breezy and stylish option.

“Every woman needs a white dress in their wardrobe,” explains former Fashion Editor and Founder of website The Joye, Paula Joye.

“It’s not as classic as a black dress though – white dresses are much more personal, much more of a fashion risk and a statement than a LBD. It says a lot more about your personality, such as whether it’s a boho maxi dress or a tennis dress.”

Stylist and model Mel Brady adds that it doesn’t have to be “little” in the sense of length.

“Frances’ is gorgeous and suits her age but as an older woman I wouldn’t wear something as little. It’s a stable but it could be a flowy resort dress as opposed to structured,”she says.

The big question when it comes to a white dress – other than ‘How do I avoid spilling something on myself’ – is what shoes to wear with one.



“The best shoe to wear with a white is a nude shoe as it extends leg,” explains Joye.

“Get a shoe the same colour as your skin tone and it’s going to make your legs look longer. I haven’t met any woman who doesn’t want that! This will let your white dress do all the talking.”


Our pick: Tony Bianco Dani Caramel Phoenix, $219.95

Image: Tony Bianco

Bright colours.

While white may seem like a base colour like black, Joye says that's not the case.

"Back is a lot kinder to the colour wheel and goes with every colour and it looks girly and cool. White is a statement in itself."


That said, you can do a print, as Abbott did.

"You can do a great floral print with a white dress. In that case, the white dress blends in with your body and the shoe becomes the statement" she says.

According to Brady, if you're doing colour, opt for a strappy shoe.

"That way it's not a whole tonne of colour but rather a little accent. And then you can play with a clutch or statement jewellery too," she says.


Our pick: Steve Madden Vertigo shoe, $129.95

Image: Steve Madden


Mixing your metals is also a great alternative to neutrals to pair with a white dress.

"I wouldn't go disco ball, but subdued metallics with a matte finish or very subtle satin can look good," says Joye.

"But stick to the metal that suits your skin tone best."


Our pick: Habbot Stanley Silver shoes, $355.

Image: Habbot


The two experts are divided on this one.

"Never black [shoes]. Or black at a push but I don't really like it," says Joye.

However Brady says if you're in your 50s like her and are more formal, a beautiful pair of pointy black pumps can look very polished.


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However both agree you shouldn't wear white shoes with a white dress - with one exception.

"A pair of crisp white sneakers like Chucks with a denim jacket... that's certainly a way you could wear white," says Brady.

"Of course if you are a bride you can get away with it but I pair a lot of formal things with a white sneaker which gives it a sports luxe feel."


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Don't be afraid to have play around.

"Depending on the style of dress, if it was pretty and preppy I'd add a flat brogue," says Brady.

"If you are a little bit more edgy you could go for ankle black boots, leather jacket and a hat, makes it a little bit cool."


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Ultimately though, it's less about the dress and more about your body.

"When you know how to dress your body, you'll be confident and confidence is the best accessory. Just go and try on a few shoes, look in the mirror and be critical - it will be very obvious which ones suit you," says Joye.