Frances Abbott just got married, to her fiancé of three months, on Valentine's Day.

Frances Abbott doesn’t muck around. In November, the personal trainer announced her engagement to Olympic rower Sam Loch just a fortnight after they had begun dating.

Now here we are, less than three months later, and they’ve already tied the knot.

The couple shared news of their nuptials to their respective Instagram accounts on Wednesday evening – Valentine’s Day, posting pictures of what appeared to be an, erm, quiet ceremony, void of guests.

“The celebratory component isn’t for a couple of months,” Loch, 34, explained. “But we made it official in the eyes of the law today. We’re the motherf***ing Mighty Morphin Power Rangers of love.”


The pair met in October after being introduced by a mutual friend. Two weeks later, Loch proposed while the former First Daughter was putting frozen peas in her freezer.

“Everyone’s like, ‘Wow, this is really fast,’” Abbott, 26, told Stellar. “But it feels so natural to me. His energy, it’s so grounding. When I am around him, I am like, ‘This is what it’s meant to be like.’ Life is short, and love is special, and sometimes you just need to follow your instincts.”

Former Liberal Prime Minister Tony Abbott had met Loch shortly before the couple got engaged and apparently he hit it off with his now son-in-law.

“He’s so grounded, and so settled in his own skin, it felt totally natural,” Frances Abbott told the publication. “There was no change in [Sam’s] voice, no sitting upright. Dad liked him. Dad likes everyone, but I think he was particularly — well, Dad is a rower. He was like, straight away, ‘Let’s talk about rowing.’”

Of course, the politician and his wife, Margaret, were just as shocked as the rest of us when the fitness model announced her engagement, but mostly they’re just happy that their middle daughter has found someone who makes her happy.

“Mum was like, ‘Frances, you are quite impulsive,’” Abbott said. “My family just want what’s best for me, as any family would with their daughter. They are cautious because of the time, but they know me.”