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Fantasy wedding planning. Grooom not required.

Comrades, let us hope that my boyfriend doesn’t read this. Because it may see him packing his things and moving very, very far away. To somewhere where they don’t have phones. Or email. Or even walkie-talkies.

You see, we are not engaged. Nor close to engaged. The boy has far more pressing things on his plate, such as video games and… video games.

But I still love to take part in a spot of fantasy wedding planning on the odd occasion that I find myself with a bit of spare time. Pinterest is so fun, after all. So is Etsy. Hellloooooo Etsy.

I know that I would like a lot of fairy lights to be involved in my future wedding. I have my dress picked out. Bridesmaids dresses also sorted. Location TBC, although there’s a list of potentials already in my head.

It’s gotten to the point that when ANYTHING vaguely wedding-related comes up in the office, my colleagues say: “Hey Nat, you can write that. You like that stuff.” (Hence this post.)

But I know I’m not alone. I know girls who have entire desktop folders on their computers dedicated to inspiration images for their future weddings. It’s also a regular topic of discussion amongst my girlfriends (let’s hope that none of their boyfriends read this either).

But none of us have gone to the extent that Anita Chakraburtty has. She’s booked a date, location, flowers, cake and bought a dress for her wedding. The only thing she doesn’t have? A groom.


This from the Sydney Morning Herald:

As a professional astrologer, the British-born Chakraburtty, 42, says she is destined to meet her future husband any day now.

“Astrologically I’ve got quite a lot of activity happening in October and November in my charts,” she says. She picked the date of the wedding, April 7, 2013, because it has once-in-a-lifetime planetary alignments favouring relationships, she says, and also happens to be her birthday.

We really hope Anita finds herself a husband. But at least if she doesn’t she’ll be able to drown her sorrows with the leftover champagne.

Have you every been guilty of planning a wedding that doesn’t exist? Have you thought about flowers or engagement rings? Have you ever gone to a wedding and though to yourself ‘mine would be better….?’