Two of the biggest pop stars may have joined an MLM cult. Yes, we should be concerned.

It's been a big year for cults. 

There's been the Love Has Won cult which ended in a woman being found mummified. 

There was the Twin Flames cult which encouraged members to stalk their crushes to the point of getting arrested. 

And then there's the Modern Mystery School which has apparently recruited two of the world's biggest pop stars: Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus

Neither Mendes nor Cyrus have confirmed they subscribe to the teachings of MMS, but TikTok has basically decided that both of the musicians are members. 

But first thing's first, what is this cult and should we be concerned? Short answer: yes. 

What is the Modern Mystery School?

The Modern Mystery School was founded in 1997 by Gudni Gudnason. The website says that the school “trains and certifies healing practitioners and teachers in the tradition of the lineage of King Salomon," which traces back 3000 years. 

The school has thousands of students from all corners of the world across 60 countries, including the UK, Canada, the USA, Japan, South Africa and Brazil. Their mission statement is to bring “peace on this planet by uplifting the hearts and minds of humanity”.

Sounds innocent enough, right? Well...

In 2021, Vice published an investigation into the Modern Mystery School which detailed the stories of dozens of current and former students. 

Former students claim they were exploited, classifying the group as a “cult” and “spiritual pyramid scheme” whereby many students spend upwards of $20,000 to reach “the top of the pyramid of training”. 


Formers members also described an environment of “bullying and manipulation”, “financial and sexual exploitation”, where members feared “physical or spiritual consequences," and some even signed non-disclosure agreements to join. 

Have Shawn Mendes and Miley Cyrus joined?

Shawn Mendes' connection to the cult is based on his rumoured new partner, Charlie Travers, who he was spotted with on beach exhibiting rather odd behaviour. 

The couple were papped at a beach in Malibu where they stripped down to their underwear and did some type of meditation and breathwork together. 

Travers is a former Big Brother UK contestant, TV presenter and podcaster.

Then came a submission to gossip aggregator DeuxMoi, with someone sending in a tip that Traver and Mendes were potentially both in the Modern Mystery School 'cult'. 

"Nobody knows if Shawn Mendes is in fact in this cult," DeuxMoi shared. 

"It's called the Modern Mystery School. They provide services to the public and behind closed doors for only 'those who have eyes to see and those that have ears to hear'."

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"Fans have been noticing that Shawn Mendes has been associating with people who are part of the Modern Mystery School. One of those people being his new alleged girlfriend, Charlie," DeuxMoi continued.

The tip continues, "There are three gurus that Shawn is working with that are all connected and have ties to the Mystery church. All three of these gurus are tied to Charlie and have been working with them for years."

Mendes' physical appearance has also drastically changed in recent months: he's rejected his clean-cut look and embraced overgrown stubble and untamed hair. 


The hit maker hasn't released any new music in 2023. 

Neither Mendes nor Travers have said anything about their involvement in MMS. 

Then there's Miley Cyrus, whose link to the cult is even more dubious. 

Suspicions first began because Cyrus was posting less on social media, making her fans suspect her attention was elsewhere. Then earlier this year, she announced she wouldn't do a tour again, which once again, alarmed her fans that something was amiss with the young pop star. 

Then came the rumours.

On Twitter, people started sharing photos of Cyrus alongside two women who people identified as members of the cult. In one photo, Miley posed with the women and the words ‘Know Thyself’ were in the background which is a Modern Mystery School maxim.

The photos were picked up on TikTok and went viral. 

@michelletok fans are concerned after rumors allege that #mileycyrus joined a cult after dropping #endlesssummervacation ♬ original sound - michelle

In the theory by @michelletok, she hypothesised Miley met members ‘Lily Ashwell’ and ‘Blue’ in February 2023. “Allegedly this is the reason Miley’s been so MIA,” Michelle said. “No performances, no public appearances, no promotion for the album at all aside from the Disney Plus special that was back in March.”

But since then, Miley has started posting on her Instagram to promote her new song 'Used To Be Young' which has poured cold water on the theory she's gone off the grid. 

So therefore... Miley is probably not in this cult. But it sure is fun to speculate! 

Feature image: Getty. 

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