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From Adele to James Corden: Sharon Osbourne is spilling so much celebrity tea right now.

Sharon Osbourne is known for going rogue.

She's never been one to censor her opinions of her fellow celebs, and in good news for fans of gossip (me), she was let loose on the UK reboot of Celebrity Big Brother.

And she wasted no time sharing some frankly wild thoughts about her famous friends and frenemies. First up, Osbourne claimed that Adele was putting on her accent. "Oh, love, oh I'm Adele, I'm so English," she mocked in a convo with Kate Middleton's uncle Gary Goldsmith.

"It's like, cut the crap. You don't talk like that anymore. Just sing, just be true to who you are. But she does all this old English, you know?"

Adele is known for her trademark London cockney accent, but I guess Osbourne reckons that after more than a decade of working in Hollywood, she should have lost her accent by now. 

Adele (and her alleged fake accent) at the Brit Awards 2022. Image: Getty. 


This is a weird hill to die on, Sharon. 

But she wasn't done. The reality star accused James Corden of being a name-dropper. "He does that all the time," she claimed.

"I go to him, 'I really like your shoes,' and he goes, 'Yes, Stella McCartney.' I'm like, 'I didn’t ask you who made them.' He constantly, constantly throws out names."

She then took aim at Vogue editor Anna Wintour. "She loves [Corden]. She loves him. But who loves Anna Wintour? She does. I think she's a C-word." Oop!

When her fellow X-Factor judge Louis Walsh asked Osbourne about Ellen DeGeneres, she pretended to vomit. Lol.

Osbourne went on to shed light on one of her famous feuds with another X-Factor judge, Simon Cowell. She revealed their friendship has waned over the years, referring to him as "snotty" and blaming him for losing a gig as a judge on the first season of The Masked Singer US.

@bbuk Put the kettle on… Sharon’s serving tea ☕️ #CBBUK ♬ original sound - Celebrity Big Brother UK

"I missed a huge gig. That's why I was furious. I went mad when they told me and then he called me," she recalled.


At the time, she was contracted for another season of X-Factor but the series ended up being scrapped.

Sharon went on to taunt Simon for his trademark black T-shirts, adding he'd been "wearing the same thing for almost three decades". (She's not wrong.) Sharon added that she would never work with Cowell again, even for "all the money in the world".

But there was one person who Osbourne was weirdly cordial about: Australia's own Dannii Minogue. 

Osbourne and Minogue had a very public long-running feud during their years judging X-Factor together. The former The Talk panellist admitted it was "so f**king tough" working with Minogue, recalling a moment where they were forced to "fake" their friendship by holding hands for the press. "I grabbed her hand and went like this [putting hands up] when the doors opened, and she's, like, trying to [let go] but I'd push her up."

That said, Osbourne doesn't harbour any particularly nasty feelings about Minogue, it seems, saying, "Yeah she's alright, she's alright."

Well, that's... something?

Osbourne — who was a "celebrity lodger" for the season and never planned to stay longer than a week — signed a contract that gave her special treatment compared to the rest of the celebrities, including sleeping in her own private chamber. She's now departed the Celebrity Big Brother UK house.

Never change, Sharon.

Feature image: Getty/ITV/NBC.