The biggest Shark Tank drama this week is all happening off-camera.

Shark Tank investor Steve Baxter has defended himself on Twitter after fending off criticism for “mansplaining” while on the show.

The criticism began after Baxter was accused of not giving adequate respect to a budding entrepreneur who was selling yoga pants with in-built sensors.

When she was explaining how the limb-sensing technology worked, Baxter interrupted.

“I call rubbish. I just know how this tech works… I know intimately how the tech works,” he said.

As she went on, he spoke again.

“OK, Is there someone else who you’ve got who actually understands the tech?” he said.

‘”Cause you don’t at this point in time.

“If you do understand the tech, you’ve described it exceptionally poorly today. You really have.”

Soon after the show aired, viewers voiced their distaste – as viewers so often do – on Twitter, but not before the entrepreneur engaged with his critics and refuted their arguments.

In some cases, Baxter was called “sexist” and a bully”.


However, the tech entrepreneur called “bullsh*t” on the claims, saying “it’s OK to argue with women” as “they aren’t a protected species”.