The '70s 'shag' haircut is back. And we'll all be wearing it this year.

We know you might have already heard this, but just in case you had your headphones on our something: The shag haircut is back!

Yes, really! And she's lookin' better than ever.

Just ask Billie Eilish. And Miley Cyrus. And Flex Mami. And Suki Waterhouse. Or maybe the OG shag queen, Alexa Chung.

Yep. ALL the cool kids are getting one. 

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Inspired by the choppy cuts of the '70s, mixed in with a dash of that messy texture and volume from the '90s, the shag haircut is very much the 'in' thing right now - and yes, you can totally pull it off! 

Because the shag, it suits *everyone*. Even if you've been blessed with 67 cowlicks, frizzy baby hairs or a mop of disobedient curls.

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The best part? It's a real cinch to maintain (you can literally roll out of bed and that's when it'll look its best).

Love that for us.

Wait. What exactly is a shag cut?

Good question. Important question. 

"The style is also known as a 'shaggy bob' and has a timelessly chic vibe while still maintaining an edgy, punk rock feel. It's also made up of a lot (read: a LOT) of layers," said Virginie Gayssot, the Head of Education and Talent at Franck Provost.


It's a fresh, relaxed style that's super versatile and the ideal way to show off some glorious texture and movement with very little effort on the styling front.

"Low maintenance and fun shag haircuts are appearing (think Miley Cyrus) all over the red carpet and runways as people start to experiment more with their hair post COVID," said Gayssot.

Are there different types of shag haircuts?

Yes! There are many different types of shag hairstyles, meaning it can be totally personalised to suit everyone and anyone. 

"Depending on your type of hair there is the long style, short style and modern style," said Gayssot.

How good.


"Please consult your hairdresser before choosing your style and for this particular style I recommended you leave it to the professionals (put those scissors down!)."

Omg! As if we were going to snip it ourselves, V! HAHA that's so 2020... *lowers scissors*.

How do you know which type of shag haircut will suit you?

Ask any of the top hair stylists and they'll tell you that the shag works beautifully across a range of textures. 


"I would say that it can suit most face shapes and most type of hair - this haircut can be tailored to any person," said Gayssot.

See! Told ya.

"Just be sure to ask your hairdresser and consider all factors - not just your hair type but also your lifestyle, too."

What if you're too scared to go all in?

Want to keep things on the longer side? That's cool! You can always opt for something a little looser and less choppy.

"Face framing layers are always a winner, always! Try to have the shortest layer around eye level and let it really frames your eyes," said Gayssot.

What's the best way to style a shag?

It's so low-maintenance! And also... not.

"Allow hair to air-dry as much as possible (put down those heat tools!) and to show its natural movement and texture," said Gayssot.

"If your hair is straight or very fine, ensure your layers stop around the mouth so it doesn't end up looking like a mullet."


"You will likely need a trim every three months to keep the shape, so take that into consideration."

Every three months or so, gang. 

Anyway, why don't you try it? You should totally do it!

Would you try a shag haircut? Why/why not? Share with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: @mileycyrus@flex.mami @billieeilish