Serendipity is the totally underrated Christmas movie everyone needs to watch.

There’s no doubt that this year was a little bit, well, s**t.

It’s definitely been a tough one, but I’ve found the perfect antidote to the hot mess that was 2018. It’s a Christmas movie that will restore your faith in humanity and make you believe in magic – if only for a few hours.

It’s called Serendipity and it’s a classic lil’ romantic comedy from 2001, starring John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale.

It’s all about fate and destiny and everything else we really want to believe in at this time of year.

If you’ve watched it, you will know exactly what I’m talking about. You’re probably clutching your chest right now and remembering all the things that made this movie bloody brilliant – the black cashmere gloves, ice-skating in Central Park, Love In The Time Of Cholera, Aiden from Sex and The City as a weird flute-playing dude.

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If you haven’t watched it – you’re in for a real treat.

Lemme break it down for you, so you’ll understand its full Christmassy, romantic, magic-ky goodness.

During a night of last minute shopping before Christmas (we’ve all been there) Jonathan (Cusack) meets Sara (Beckinsale) in a department store when they both reach for the last pair of black cashmere gloves.

They instantly click and spend a magical evening together – sharing dinner, ice-skating in Central Park etc etc.

Jonathan feels like it’s love at first sight, but Kate believes in destiny and she thinks the universe will send them a sign if they’re meant to be together.

So they devise a plan.

Sara writes her name and number inside a copy of Love In The Time of Cholera. She’s going to sell it to a second hand bookstore the next day and if it makes its way back to Jonathan, they’re meant to be together.


She also gets Jonathan to write his name and number on a dollar bill and then she spends it at magazine stand.

They part ways each taking one black cashmere glove with them, waiting for fate to step in and bring them back together.

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Fast forward a few years later and fate is nowhere to be seen (you had ONE job, fate). Jonathan and Sara are both about to marry someone else – but they can’t stop thinking about each other and that one magical night.

Finally, motherflippin’ fate steps in and after many near misses (which will both frustrate and make you immensely happy) they’re reunite on the ice-rink where it all began all those years ago – and bloody hell, be still our beating hearts.

It’s so GODDAMN romantic.

There’s snow and an ice-rink and a Nick Drake song and when it’s all over, you’ll just want to call everyone you know to tell them that you love them.

And if that’s not the Christmas spirit, I don’t know what is.

Serendipity is the kind of movie that’ll suck you into its romantic as heck New York setting and then spit you out two hours later, feeling a whole lot better about the world.

The best bit is it’s Christmassy enough, without being too Christmassy. There’s not a mince pie, a glass of eggnog, or a misbehaving relative in sight.

This classic romantic comedy will make you believe in the magic of Christmas, if only for a few hours.

Serendipity is available to stream on Stan now.

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