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Who's rude and who isn't? 11 secrets from behind the scenes of Selling Sunset.

Have you ever wondered what it's like to be part of the Selling Sunset cast? 

It turns out, it's not all that fun. 

Everyone's favourite Netflix real estate reality show has just released its fifth season, and by the looks of it, the drama has stayed well and truly alive – even after the cameras stopped rolling. 

Watch the trailer for Selling Sunset. Post continues after video. 

Video via Netflix.

Here are 11 of the wildest production secrets and behind-the-scenes gossip from Selling Sunset

How Chrishell got her name. 

Chrishell Stause. Image: Netflix. 


It turns out Chrishell is actually named after a man called Chris who worked at a Shell service station. 

Yep, really. 

When Chrishell's mum went into labour, she was helped by a stranger named Chris who was working at a Shell gas station at the time. 

After she gave birth to Chrishell at the local hospital, she decided to name her daughter after the man who assisted her. And also the service station he worked for. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

Christine confirms a lot of scenes are "produced" (AKA quite fake).

Christine Quinn. Image: Netflix. 


Everyone's favourite reality TV villain Christine Quinn, has made it clear that a majority of the storylines on Selling Sunset are staged. 

In a post to Twitter (quite literally minutes before the season five premiere dropped), she wrote: "30 minutes till the launch of #SellingSunset... Enjoy the new season and all of its 5,000 fake storylines!"

When Christine was called out for allegedly paying a client to not work with her co-star Emma Hernan, she responded to a fan, writing: "Omg bless your heart you actually think the show is real."

When asked by another fan if one of the moments shown was real or not, she replied: "produced". 

Christine used to sing covers. 

A video was recently uncovered showing Christine singing a cover mashup of Maroon 5's 'She Will Be Loved'. 


Interestingly enough, it was uploaded onto YouTube with the name 'Christine Bently' – which is apparently her last name. However, she stopped going by that when she joined The Oppenheim Group. 

Chrishell says it's "annoying" to speak about Christine. 

According to Chrishell, none of the other real estate agents enjoy speaking about Christine. 


In response to a fan who pointed out the drama surrounding the reality stars, Chrishell appeared to confirm they're pushed to speak about Christine in the office. 

In an Instagram comment, she admitted it was "annoying" watching Selling Sunset back, as Netflix production pressured others to address certain things. She said she made it look like "that’s all we talk about". 

Chrishell went on to add: "I guess that’s what we signed up for, but I assure you, this is very out of proportion to what we actually discuss when together."

According to a crew member, "no one is ever 'fed' lines."

On a viral Reddit post, a user claiming to be a crew member alleged that none of the stars are "fed" lines.

"Things for 90 per cent of the time are shot in real-time. Sometimes we need to reshoot things, like if a location or a house isn’t available – or a cast member is out of town, that’s when will shoot things out of order or after the fact," they wrote. 

"But besides shooting some things out of order, no one is ever ‘fed’ lines. The EPs [executive producers] just tell them what topics or 'storylines' they want discussed in the scenes based on what’s going on IRL, and they roll cameras until the conversation runs out of steam. 

"And of course, everyone is human and has good or bad days and things are edited – but the cast IS exactly how they come across on the show."

Apparently Christine's husband is "awful" and Maya is "shady".

Another person from Reddit shared who they believe to be "chill" or "rude", admitting all the cast members are likeable. 


"I like all of them a lot," they wrote. “Heather is actually the most chill and fun and always in a good mood. Davina is the most annoying, you can tell she’s always anxious."

They added Christine's husband, Christian Richard, is "awful", saying viewers don't get to see that for themselves though. 

"Christine is nice to us but so rude about other cast members," they said. 

In regards to Chrishell, the user said: "She is super nice. During season one she was used to scripted soap operas, so she expected certain things and she had moments. 

"But she’s professional and always on time and always nice to the crew. She was even nicer and more chill after the divorce TBH. I think she felt pressure to protect her ex-husband's reputation.

"Maya makes shady jokes about everyone. I know some of the ladies (Heather) get pissed about how she gets away with those comments."

The filming schedule looks bloody exhausting.

According to one crew member, a typical shooting day for Selling Sunset begins at 8am and wraps up at around 6pm or 7pm. 

Sounds rough. 

Chrishell was hired specifically for Selling Sunset. 

Creator of Selling Sunset, Adam DiVello, told Variety Chrishell had been working as a real estate agent before joining the show. 

"We met with Jason and Brett, and the only person that wasn’t there was Chrishell," he said. "Chrishell was really the new addition that was brought on to the agency once we decided to make the show."


It's too expensive to film Maya's children for the show. 

Real estate agent Maya has three children, and it is unlikely we will ever get to meet them on camera.

"Apparently, it’s expensive to film a baby in production. They have to hire nurses. The baby can only be on up to 30 minutes. It’s a whole thing," she explained to Women’s Health.

Christine's wedding in season three took HOURS to film.

The wedding planner for Christine Quinn's wedding, Lisa Lafferty, told Page Six she was around two hours late to her own wedding ceremony because she needed to pre-film scenes for the show. 

Overall, the wedding took hours longer to film than first expected.

"I would say timing was definitely an issue," she explained.

Jason probably wouldn't have done Selling Sunset if he knew how bad the drama was going to be.

"Well, I love the show’s popularity. When I first signed up for this show, I definitely thought it was going to be more real estate driven," he told The Tab. 

"That said, the type of show I would have wanted probably wouldn’t be that popular. Yes, it’s got a lot more dramatic than I would have anticipated or would have wanted, however, this show has done so well for our business so I very much enjoy all the positivity around it – so overall I’m happy."

Feature Image: Netflix.

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