An accidental tweet and a swearing interpreter: Australia, we're starting to lose it.

We’ve been in isolation now for, well, I’ve lost count of the days, but it feels like a very long time.

And let’s be honest, Australia: Things are weird. Everyone has sort of… lost it.

Speaking of losing it; the horoscopes in isolation. Post continues below video.

Video via Mamamia

Normalcy is a distant memory, and now we’re the type of people who on the day-to-day laugh at a man’s forehead and accidentally tweet our Google query about when we can stock up our alcohol cabinet, pls.

Let us explain.

The Education Minister’s… forehead is now funny.

Look, we’re weeks into this thing, so everyone needs to know how to video call by now. We don’t make the rules.

But for a couple of seconds during Monday night’s Q&A, all we saw of the federal education minister Dan Tehan was his forehead.

Dan Tehan showing off his sexy fivehead on qanda from r/australia


The usually highly professional Hamish McDonald almost completely lost it, which would have been fair, because SIR YOU’RE AN ELECTED OFFICIAL TASKED WITH ANSWERING IMPORTANT QUESTIONS ABOUT THE EDUCATION OF OUR CHILDREN DURING A PANDEMIC, WE NEED TO SEE YOUR WHOLE FACE.

Tehan’s entire head did turn up later in the episode, but the video of McDonald’s stifling laughter will live on forever.

An Auslan interpreter signed f-bombs.

Auslan interpreters have been working tirelessly throughout the COVID-19 pandemic to ensure the many press conferences from federal and state leaders are accessible.

But one particular Western Australian interpreter has gone above and beyond, signing the very passionate heckles from a passing car as premier Mark McGowan spoke live.

Yes, even when those heckles were – and we quote – “WHOOOO MARK MCGOWAN I F*CKIN’ LOVE YA BUDDY!” and more “WHOOOOOOOO”.


What a legend.

Nobel Laureate Professor Peter Doherty just really needs a drink.

Australian professor Peter Doherty is a Nobel prize-winning immunologist whose eponymous Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity is leading our coronavirus research, so he is no doubt very busy at the moment.

He has well and truly earned himself a beer – and he seems to think so too, accidentally tweeting ‘Dan Murphy opening hours’ at 1.40pm on a Monday afternoon to his thousands of Twitter followers instead of asking trusty ol’ Google for the answer.


After realising what he’d done Prof. Doherty fully embraced the faux pas, telling one follower it was a classic case of ‘too many tabs’.

“I was tweeting, forwarding e-mails to guys with more expertise, and thinking about something I’m writing, and I blew it,” he said.

He also greeted his thousands of new followers, said the mistake was worth it for the lols and joy it provided others and discussed his alcohol preferences (scotch, beer or cider over wine, FYI).

Also, this:

Prof. Doherty, it’s our shout.

Nobody asked for the party pie toastie, but it is now a thing.

Just because you could, does not mean you should.

Yet because isolation has led people to some bad, bad places, one Reddit user shared this abomination to the Australian subreddit.

Presenting the party pie toastie. It’s the answer to a question nobody asked. from r/australia

We’re… sorry.

Basically, all of these disasters bring us to one very important point: Check in on each other, we’re not… okay.

Feature images: ABC/7 News.