Schapelle Corby is living her best life as a new Instagram influencer.

Just seven months ago Schapelle Corby was a rattled parolee facing a daunting return to Australia after spending nine years in a Bali prison.

Now, she’s a free woman, spending her days on the beach, chilling with friends, posing with cute dogs and all round living her best life.

If you haven’t looked at the 40-year-old Queenslander’s Instagram lately, don’t worry. We have.


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And we’ve noticed it’s shifted from photos of missing children William Tyrell and Hayley Dodd, to selfies, food shots and motivational messages.

In fact, her Instagram account has all the hallmarks of an Instagram influencer and with 194K followers, she’s got the following to make it happen. There are Snapchat filtered selfies, quotes from famous authors, throwback photos, and snaps of her getting ready for events like the Melbourne Cup.


Sisters Lunch date. Cocktail time @bin72coolangatta #bin72coolangatta

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Everyone knows, of course, you’re not a real Instagram influencer until someone sends you a freebie to feature in your next snap. Corby hit that milestone in July with a body board. Yep.


And she’s since been putting that body board to good use, and urges us all to “Get out there people. Get active. Move your body. Live longer.”

We’re gonna call it, right here, right now – in six months time, she’ll be spruiking teatox tea and telling us the products that went into creating her makeup look.

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