Schapelle Corby only left Bali days ago. But she's already made her cause in Australia clear.

Just two days after leaving Bali as a free woman, 39-year-old Schapelle Corby has made clear what she intends to do upon returning home.

Headed to the parole office on Saturday, surrounded by media, Corby held a black bag with a large photo of missing child William Tyrrell attached. On Monday, despite the Where’s William campaign stating they “weren’t happy” with her use of the image, she shared a photo of the then three-year-old on her Instagram page.

Where’s William Tyrrell? #DontBeDistractedByTrivia #Williamicare #PushForDaniel’sLaw #Daniel’sLaw

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“Where’s William Tyrrell?” she wrote, adding “#PushforDaniel’sLaw”.

Daniel’s Law, named after Daniel Morcombe, who was abducted and murdered by a convicted child sex offender in 2003, advocates for public access to details and locations of convicted serious sex offenders.

Those commenting on Corby’s social media posts are overwhelmingly supportive of the exposure she’s giving to the case of William Tyrrell. One person wrote, “Very smart girl to use William as a sign… the sign to me was your [sic] saying William is important stop bugging me… good on you Schapelle”.


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Another said, “Teach the media the facts that there is most certainly far bigger life events occurring that their cameras should be watching to seek a rewarding change or outcome”.

It would appear Corby is aiming to do just that.

Early on Tuesday afternoon, she posted a photo of Haley Dodd, a then 17-year-old who went missing in 1999. “There are so many missing children in Australia,” Corby wrote. “More attention needs to be raised.”

While it’s not yet clear whether a personal experience has led to Corby’s passion for raising awareness of missing children, there’s no doubt she’s directing her new-found, arguably bizarre fame, to a cause she finds far more worthy than herself.