Samantha X reveals the surprising type of client that makes her orgasm... for real.


Samantha X has had a lot of sex. But, as most women will know, that doesn’t necessarily mean she’s had a lot of orgasms.

Australia’s highest paid escort (who returned to sex work last month after a 10-month retirement from the business) said that while she will often be asked by clients “how can I pleasure you?” it’s not always going to translate into the big O.

However, on Mamamia’s Sealed Section podcast she said there was one type of client she was most likely to experience an orgasm with – and it shocked her co-host, Rachel Corbett.


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When your outfit clearly looks like you’re wearing bed sheets .

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“A common thing that escorts discuss privately is that the uglier the client, the more likely we are to have an orgasm,” Samantha X said.


Yes, that’s right, “ugly guys” are best in bed, in Samantha’s experience.

The 44-year-old explained to her bewildered co-hosts that contrary to the popular belief that attraction is the key to sex, there was far more to it than that.

“I just think it’s a power thing. We get off on the dirtiness,” the journalist-turned-escort said.

“I mean I used to get off on the dirtiness of being in a hotel room with some stranger, being paid to have sex and the whole thing would just be such a fantasy for me.

“In fact the more unattractive he was, the more likely I was to have a genuine orgasm.”

Co-host and sexpert Dr Lauren Rosewarne suggested this may also be because a woman is more likely to feel comfortable asking for what she wants with someone who’s not so intimidating. Which seems to be the case for Samantha, who admits she’ll seize up when with a sexy guy.

“The really good-looking clients, I’d completely freak out. I’d be so nervous.”

You can listen to Samantha, Dr Rosewarne and Rachel Corbett’s full chat here:

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