Samantha X on the number one unexpected question most clients ask her.


For escort Samantha X, there’s one question her clients ask her time and time again.

But it’s not what you might expect.

Speaking with Rachel Corbett and Dr Lauren Rosewarne on Mamamia’s Sealed Section podcast, Samantha was asked whether her enjoyment was important while meeting with clients.

“The number one question I used to hear from clients is ‘how can I please you’,” Samantha shared.

“If you don’t know your body, if you don’t know how to please yourself, then he’s not going to know, so a good understanding of your body is probably the top way to have an orgasm for a woman,” she added.

But while many assume that escorts simply “fake it on the job”, there’s one particular type of client that makes Samantha X orgasm… for real.

Samantha X talks about the type of client that makes her orgasm for real, on Mamamia’s podcast Sealed Section.

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“A common thing that escorts discuss privately is that the uglier the client, the more likelier we are to have an orgasm,” Samantha revealed.

“In fact, the more unattractive he was, the more likely I was to have a genuine orgasm. The really good looking clients, I’d completely freak out. I’d be so nervous.”


Samantha went on to explain why less attractive clients are so popular with escorts.

“I just think it’s a power thing – we get off on the dirtiness,” she explained.

“I used to get off on the dirtiness of being in a hotel room with some stranger being paid to have sex and the whole thing would just be such a fantasy for me.”

But while it might sound strange to get off on sleeping with someone “less attractive”, according to Dr Rosewarne, research supports the sentiment.

In fact, if you go into the room thinking the man is “too hot for you”, that perception can affect your confidence, sabotaging your ability to relax, and well, get off.

“Research supports that if you consider them your aesthetic equal… you’re more relaxed in terms of asking for things that you’d like as well, which you may not be doing if you think he’s better than you or too hot for you,” Dr Rosewarne explained.