PSA: Morning sex makes you better at your job, apparently.

Stock up on bedside mints, people, we have a very important announcement to make: Morning sex can help you succeed.

We all have a morning routine. And we all have certain things within that routine that lead to a more productive day; things we don’t always get time to do if we’ve hit snooze on our alarms a couple of times (Mondays, I’m looking at you).

For me it’s listening to the news, having a coffee, and making sure I’ve noted down my morning meeting ideas. Pretty boring stuff I’m aware, but when I have time to do these tasks before work, the day is much closer to being totally stress-free.

It turns out there’s something extra I could be doing that could make my day even better. Something I definitely wouldn’t be able to do at work.

Morning sex. 

This just in: Sexytime in the morning could result in a more productive day.

A survey conducted by Mattress Advisor of nearly 1000 Australians living with their partners revealed that many people attribute their productive days to a little bit of AM action.

In fact, 53 per cent of men said morning sex had a positive effect on productivity, and over 45 per cent of women shared the same thoughts, with 42.9 per cent believing it had no effect, and 11.9 per cent saying they felt less productive.

When ranking the tasks they got done before work on a good day, those who reported feeling more productive post-morning sex held it as their number four priority on average, after using the bathroom, having a coffee and taking a shower.

(Coffee but no teeth brushing? Is morning breath not a concern for these people??)

So, what were people prioritising on their regular days over morning sex?

Using the bathroom was number one, followed by checking their phone, having a coffee, snoozing the alarm for extra sleep, brushing their teeth, taking care of their pet, drinking water, and exercising.

Check out Celeste Barber's successful morning routine below. Post will continue after the video.


Overall - the study found the majority of people were in fact more focused on dealing with their morning breath above all else, with 57 per cent of all participants saying they'd rather make sure they got up and brushed their teeth over having sex with their partner.

The survey respondents, who reported getting just under seven hours of sleep each night on average, were however willing to give up a few minutes of precious sleep-in time if it meant they could have a little roll between the sheets. Men were willing to give up nearly 42 minutes of sleep on average, while women offered up a dent in their rest of just over 30 minutes.

Not only could your sunrise romp lead to a better day at work, experts say that morning sexytime has a number of health benefits; a better immune system, lower blood pressure, better bladder control, and a lower risk of heart attack. Morning sex is also proven to help elevate your mood and make you feel more relaxed.

Oh, and it could also be the key to a happy relationship.

While previous studies suggest you should have sex roughly once a week for a solid relationship - morning or night, people involved in the Mattress Advisor survey who were satisfied with their relationship typically had more morning sex each month than dissatisfied respondents.

The study also included research which found that using social media in the morning can make it difficult to focus throughout the day. So the next time you choose scrolling through Instagram over hanky-panky with your partner, remember you could be sacrificing a potential promotion.

Unfortunately for me I'm very single, so for now I'm stuck with news, coffee and notes to optimise my day.