Sam Armytage didn't realise she'd "broken the golden rule for women". Now, she's spoken out.

Samantha Armytage has ripped into critics who had a problem with her request for people not to “attack me for being beautiful” in a Stellar magazine column earlier this month.

In a follow up column in today’s Stellar magazine, the Sunrise host concluded that “society has officially lost its sense of humour”.

Armytage insisted the original article was written with her “tongue firmly in my cheek,” and decided that from now on she would write “JOKE” after each statement that uses humour, since some readers couldn’t figure it out on their own.

“I explained if you don’t think I’m beautiful (with all the TV hair and make-up and lights) you were entitled to your opinion. But that you’d be wrong. (JOKE! JOKE! JOKE! JOKE! One more time for the dummies — that was a JOKE!)”


Much of the criticism over the 41-year-old’s earlier article came from people who found it ‘arrogant’ for Armytage to call herself a beautiful woman.

Within the column, Armytage used “bumpy lemons” as a metaphor for how we should all embrace our own beauty, flaws and all.

The TV host said she didn’t realise that she’d broken the “golden rule for women” by admitting she was beautiful.

Despite the self-deprecation within both pieces, Armytage did not back down to “haters”.

“I was [told I was] ‘over the hill’, should ‘work on radio’ and, my favourite, ‘not all that’. Well, guess what, idiot? I AM all that. (Not a JOKE.)

She also insisted that she was “funny” and playfully suggested that anyone who disagreed was wrong.

Armytage isn’t the first woman to be ripped to shreds online for saying she was attractive. In 2015, a 20-year-old Good Housekeeping intern’s article, titled “People judge me because I’m pretty”, went viral and became the subject of shocking online abuse.

The student said she was treated differently because of her good looks – particularly by sleazy men – but instead of focussing on the point of her article (harassment) they fixated on her admission she was pretty and cruelly mocked her looks.

You can read Sam Armytage’s full column in Stellar magazine.