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What happened when Sam was confronted about not attending the Married at First Sight reunion.


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You can always rely on A Current Affair to track down a runaway reality TV star. (Remember when Nick Cummins escaped to the jungle? Yeah, they got him.)

Well, this time, Sam Ball is the target  – and rightly so.

The Married At First Sight contestant was a no show at Monday night’s finale, and left a big fat mess in his wake.

Between his actual bride Elizabeth, and his secret fling Ines, there’s no doubt the reunion episode would have been incredibly awkward for the 26-year-old.

So, he decided to miss it altogether.

Here’s a flashback to when we first met Sam. Post continues after video.

Video by Nine

But on Tuesday night, A Current Affair called him, and visited his home and his work, and eventually, he gave some answers.

“I just didn’t want any part in the show you know what I mean, like, the drama and all that,” he said.


“Like, [I’m] just over it. I didn’t want to disrespect Ines or anyone. Like Elizabeth or everyone, like I feel bad. The way she felt in the scene, her reactions and stuff. I’m sorry for her and anyone who got offended by what I said, I’m sorry.”

It appears Sam’s fellow contestants and experts were just as stunned he didn’t turn up on the night.

“He was given the opportunity to come to the reunion and give people closure and also to say his part and he chose not to and I think ultimately Sam decided, ‘This is too much, I don’t want to face the music,’ and so he was a no-show,” said one of the show’s experts, John Aiken.

On Monday night we witnessed Lizzie re-watching her wedding day, where Sam called her a “big girl” after catching a glimpse of her.

“She’s got a beautiful face,” he told the camera smirking, “Maybe I’ll get her running in the mornings!”

In the weeks that followed, Sam routinely disrespected his wife behind her back, and in interviews following the show’s filming, continued to comment on her appearance and belittle her.

This was Lizzie's face, pretty much throughout the entire flashback. Image: Nine.

But without a Sam in sight to defend himself, Lizzie let rip, and it was glorious. She gave the most divine speech about body image and perfectly articulated everything that was wrong with what Sam, and men like Sam had to say about women.

Then there was the drama with Ines, the woman he cheated on his wife with.

Over the past month we've been watching a 'he said she said' play out regarding the 'sex scene' we saw the pair have on the show.

According to Ines' explicit description, it was very much a thing. A marathon event if you will. But Sam says it was completely fabricated for the cameras.

Sam had the chance to settle the debate once and for all, but instead, he left Ines to face the reunion alone.

And she was able to have the redemption narrative we never saw coming.