Can you guess what Kim Kardashian and Erin Molan have in common?

We need to talk about the salmon sperm facials — because they truly sound like a 'what the f**k' kind of treatment and the celebrities are loving it.

The most recent devotee? Our girl, Kim Kardashian. 

On an episode of The Kardashians, the 43-year-old reality star, who is somewhat transparent about her quest to become an ageless immortal-esque being, talked about the latest cosmetic treatment she's trialled in the name of smoother, younger-looking skin. 

"I got a salmon sperm facial with salmon sperm injected into my face," she explained in the episode.

How did we get here? Hard to say. 

Now, I first heard of it when Jennifer Aniston talked about it in her Wall Street Journal interview a couple of months back — and I told Leigh Campbell on the You Beauty podcast just how gosh darn loopy the celebrities are, and how they will try almost anything, etc, etc.

But it's not just a Hollywood thing because now it's available in Australia? And it's becoming a hit here too??

Take, for example, Erin Molan.

In an interview with Stellar Magazinethe presenter said, "Yes, a qualified currently registered practicing medical officer injected my face with the sperm of a salmon," referring to the cosmetic treatment as "the next big cosmetic thing."

On 2DayFM's Hughesy, Ed and Erin show, she shared she had the treatment injected in her face, neck and chest. 


"I've tried lots of different things for my skin — skin needling, Profhilo which is hyaluronic acid injected into under your skin — this, hand on heart, maybe three or four weeks post-treatment, I look twelve."

"If you can find one line or wrinkle, I'll give you a hundred bucks," she told Hughesy.

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Video via Mamamia.

In a follow-up post on Instagram, she said: "I've tried lots of different things to look after my skin… and this would be the best I reckon so far..."

Dubbed 'baby skin injections', it's a treatment that uses DNA extracted from salmon sperm to allegedly improve the health of the skin, helping increase skin elasticity, promote collagen and increase hyaluronic acid.

Intrigued? Disgusted? Don't know why you clicked on this article?

Let's discuss.

What are 'salmon sperm injectables'?

We spoke to cosmetic physician Dr Yumiko Kadota from Sydney Face Doctor, who said, "A range of products from South Korea has just arrived, which caused a stir because their skincare was from salmon sperm! The same company has injectable products, which are also derived from salmon DNA.


"The DNA is processed and purified into fragments called long-chain polymeric nucleotides, or more commonly referred to as ‘polynucleotides', which are the most recent developments in skin repair and remodelling. It has been used effectively around Asia for nearly a decade, but only just been TGA-approved for use in Australia a few months ago."

Put simply, the DNA extracted from salmon's sperm cells are important ingredients for skin repair and work on different levels of the skin to improve everything from collagen to hydration, as well as accelerate wound healing.

It's also meant to be great for addressing depressed acne scars, fine lines and wrinkles, and photo-damage.

"In the epidermis, they increase the level of a protein called filaggrin, which is important in hydrating the skin," explained Dr Kadota.

"Lower down in the dermis, they stimulate cells in our skin called fibroblasts to create more collagen and elastin, which give the skin thickness and tightness. It also stimulates the production of two proteins — laminin and fibronectin — which are important in maintaining the skin barrier."

What's involved in the procedure?

When it comes to the actual procedure, there are three different products that can be used for the injectable treatment, depending on your concerns.

"The 'classic' can be used all over the face, neck or décolletage, or you can choose to just treat the under eye and crow's feet area, or specific areas of scarring (such as acne scars on the cheek or along the jawline). It is a quick procedure that involves tiny injections into the skin," said Dr Kadota.


In terms of downtime, you'll likely experience some redness and swelling post-treatment — but generally nothing too hectic. Your injector may also offer numbing cream pre-treatment.

"You will have little bumps, which subside within 24 to 48 hours," Dr Kadota added.

"The treatment itself takes five to 10 minutes, however, depending on where you go, the treating clinician may offer numbing before the treatment and/or LED treatment afterwards, which may extend appointment time to 45 to 60 minutes."

What kind of benefits does it offer?

As mentioned, salmon sperm injectables are quite a revolutionary treatment in that they're more of a skin-quality enhancing procedure rather than just volumising or plumping.

It's different from normal filler and laser treatment in that it activates the skin's regenerative abilities and is meant to actually increase your skin elasticity and collagen structure.

"It gives the skin thickness and elasticity, which helps with tightening the skin, improving the texture (such as pores and fine lines) as well as remodelling scars," said Dr Kadota.

Who is a good candidate?

The good news? This treatment is suitable for all skin types. 


"Specific concerns might include those with acne scars, fine lines under/around the eyes, or those wanting general rejuvenation of the skin," said Dr Kadota.

"It’s a great alternative for those who are not keen or unable to have toxins and hyaluronic acid fillers."

How long do results last?

"You can notice changes to skin tone and texture within the first week. However, it takes the body three months to create new collagen, so the final result is best appreciated at the three- to six-month mark.

"While many people see the benefit after just one treatment, the recommendation is for three to four treatments, performed two to three weeks apart, for the optimal effect. To maintain the result, you may wish to have a yearly top-up."

In terms of combination therapies, this injectable can be paired with skin-boosting treatments to enhance hydration and skin plumping — of course, all guided by a medical professional.

Anyway — it's now hit cosmetic clinics in Australia, so there you go! Happy salmon spermin'!

Would you try a salmon sperm facial? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

Feature image: Instagram/@kimkardashian/@erin_molan.

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