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The four conversations an expert says you should never have over text.

Remember the days of heading straight for the home phone after school, chatting nonsense to your bestie for hours, and being rudely interrupted by the internet dial-up tone?

I may be much older and chewing through my mobile data like there’s no tomorrow, but these days I have a mini heart attack when my phone rings and it’s not my mum. Oh, I’m sorry, is that an unknown number?

*throws phone in sea*

Not today, murderer.

Luckily, it turns out I’m not the only one out there who gets the phone call jitters.

A survey conducted by shows the art of a good ol’ yarn on the phone is fading fast, with 56 per cent of Aussie adults — equivalent to 10.7 million people — avoiding phone calls like the plague, opting to text or email instead.

You used to call me on my cell phone. Source: Giphy.

While there's no harm in relying on a text thread in *some* situations, I'm sure we can all agree there are certain conversations you should put your big girl pants on for and pick up the damn phone.


Tech expert from, Angus Kidman, said you should definitely be giving weary fingers a rest in these four situations:

4 conversations you shouldn’t have over text message

1. Continue a fight

It can be so easy to misinterpret messages that it’s better to pick up the phone, or meet in person. That way you can hear the other person’s tone and see their expression.

2. Breaking up with someone

Guys, come on. You should never break up with a partner over text. Depending on the length of the relationship, you could get away with a phone call.

3. Important work conversations

Whether it’s an issue with serious consequences, a mistake or crucial decision, pick up the phone or organise a meeting. Not only will you save yourself time, you’ll usually get to the bottom of it much quicker.

4. Delivering bad news

This should go without saying, but any news that is going to worry or upset someone shouldn’t be done over text.

“Some messages just shouldn’t be delivered over text—getting dumped over WhatsApp isn’t fun for anyone,” Angus said.

He added that it's Aussie millennials, like yours truly, who apparently hate the sound of their own voice, with only 27 per cent choosing to pick up the phone over texting or online messaging.

Baby Boomers, on the other hand, are keeping calls alive, with 68 per cent preferring to pick up the phone over texting or emailing.

“There used to be an urgency in picking up a ringing phone, almost like a reflex," Angus said.

"Now it’s quite common to see young Aussies screen calls and respond via text, rather than calling back to have a conversation."

As a side note, is it normal to Google every number that calls before calling or texting back? Asking for a friend.

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