ANONYMUM: "My SIL announced the birth of our first child while I lay recovering in hospital."

This anonymous mum wrote into Mamamia asking for advice from our readers. What would you do?

17 minutes after I’d given birth, while I lay recovering on my delivery bed, literally covered in the blood, sweat and tears of my 16-hour labour, my husband’s sister took the liberty of announcing the birth of our first child, including a private photo, on her social media page.

I hadn’t even had the chance to share my news, our newborn daughters’ photo and name, with my mother, sister or closest family and friends yet. But, every random idiot my sister-in-law is ‘Facebook friends’ with, had the knowledge of our private, precious moment first.

If this isn’t bad enough, she had just spent months tormenting me throughout my pregnancy with anti-vaxxer propaganda, insinuating we’re “brainwashed” by the Government and out to “poison” our child… (no, I’m not joking).

I honestly believe she posted our baby news in an underhanded, vindictive way to ‘one-up’ me and assert her importance in my husband’s life, over and above me.

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My husband won’t even let me address her about it, in case SHE gets upset! His whole family ‘tiptoes’ around this woman, to protect her feelings – mainly because she is 42 years old, chooses to live alone in Thailand on a shoe-string budget and they all feel sorry for her.

I know that my husband has my back and will address her, but he’ll do it in such a sweet, kind and loving way that is him and she won’t learn anything!

What do I do?! Please help! I’m at the edge of reason with this woman…

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