The gift to Meghan Markle that led Prince Harry to pick on an Aussie newsreader.

Prince Harry told off a newsreader yesterday because he did something too nice.

The Duke and Duchess of Sussex made an impromptu stop during their royal tour to greet fans waiting outside Taronga Zoo on Tuesday morning, which is where Meghan Markle spotted a gigantic bouquet of flowers in the crowd.

Holding the $500 bouquet was Nova 969 newsreader Matt de Groot. He had been tasked with gifting the flowers to the parents-to-be by Nova breakfast hosts Fitzy and Wippa.

Harry and Meghan stopped after the bouquet caught Meghan’s eye… Because how could it not? It’s a $500 bunch of flowers and it was big and beautiful.

When the prince spotted what was going on, he marched up to the newsreader and jokingly scolded him for the size of the gift.


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When Harry spotted the flowers, which had been plucked from de Groot’s hands by Meghan’s people, he walked over to the crowd and pointed a finger at de Groot in mock anger.

“You can’t give flowers that big to my wife, what is that all about?” he joked, causing the crowd to laugh while Meghan said thank you.

De Groot had previously attempted to give the Duke and Duchess the flowers outside Admiralty House, where they are staying, but police told him he would be “crash tackled” if he got too close. He told news.com.au he was shocked his last-minute plan at Taronga Zoo turned out to be so successful.

“She seemed genuinely excited and flattered by the size of the flowers and her people, who were with her, pointed out that she loved the fact that they were huge,” de Groot said.

He said the couple seemed very happy and couldn’t stop smiling, having announced their pregnancy the night before.

“She wasn’t hiding it; she didn’t want to shy away from it. She seemed genuinely enthusiastic about the fact that she could now share the news … Harry was the same.”